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Who we are

TSI lives to create organizations of meaning – organizations that are alive with creativity, able to solve increasingly complex challenges, and exceptionally resilient in a fast changing world. Synthesizing profound knowledge across several disciplines, we design practical, state-of-art organizational approaches and tools that produce breakthrough results.

We coach individuals, groups, organizations and communities to see themselves anew. We work with leaders to see their ability and need to impact whole systems moving away from a program of the month mentality. Leaders become more effective as visionaries and community builders. Those with whom we work expand their skills as conversation leaders, mentors and coaches within organic, powerful social networks.

We facilitate increased individual and collective awareness, organizational learning and capacity-building through our comprehensive transformation platform. And, we enhance group creativity and collaboration through generative dialogue, productive deliberation and decision-making.

We apply ourselves to opportunities in business, government, non-profits, networks, communities and society as a whole. We have a wide span of relationships and past performance accomplishments in the North, Central and South Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. We ask a great deal of our client-partners and even more of ourselves. Ultimately, transformation is only possible when we think and do the extraordinary.

We work with organizations of all forms to transform to a new level of effectiveness. Our product is performance. We partner with government, business and non-profits to achieve their next level of effectiveness. We also engage with organizations that are more loosely defined such as associations, networks, communities and large scale movements to create greater impact.

We care about each and every person in today’s organizations. As such, with all our work, we awaken organizations, leaders, teams and individuals to their own sense of purpose and the capacity to co-create with excellence.

  • Guidance: We enable organizations to see that the current level of performance is the result of underlying habits of thought, paradigms and structures which no longer serve. We guide leaders, groups and individuals to transform their thinking so that an entirely new level of results is possible.
  • Discovery: When people are enlivened in the organization, creativity naturally occurs. Generative dialogue designed to elicit the collective wisdom of the group opens the organization to deeper discovery, innovation and breakthrough thinking.
  • Clarity: Transformational leaders articulate an attractive, measurable vision of the future in effective contrast to a compelling rationale about why the organization must move toward that new future state.
  • Focus: Leaders often make the mistake of launching too many initiatives simultaneously thereby diffusing the energy of the organization.  In the end, very little that truly matters is actually accomplished. We help leaders to mobilize the organization around a few critical transformational ideas that are highly strategic in nature. The Transformation Cycle serving as our roadmap, we work closely with the organization through a plan-do-study-act cycle to ensure that results are achieved.

Through our work, we impact:

  • Individual Performance: We coach individuals to higher levels of personal effectiveness. Purpose, we are convinced, continues to be an under-utilized source of power and productivity. Individuals, who are living lives of meaning, form the foundation of high performance organizations and effective organizational transformation.
  • Team Performance: Our approaches and knowledge grounding in high performance work systems is extensive. Several TSI partners are considered international thought leaders in this field and have contributed original writings to evolve the body of knowledge in team dynamics.
  • Leadership Performance: Our work in leadership development is extensive and global. We have long-standing engagements with a number of international, national, state and local governmental entities to educate and coach leaders in transformational leadership capacities and skills. Our energy to strengthen leadership in the public sector is exceptionally high as the future of our society rests in part on the quality of these emerging leaders.
  • Organizational Performance: We serve our client-partners with enhanced intellectual capacity, core methods and tools that allow difficult concepts to be easily applied. We apply our energy and creativity as a contributor to the team responsible for designing and guiding the organization’s transformation. Our approach is systemic and we stick with the organization throughout planning, implementation and review.
  • Government Performance: We have extensive experience in government organizations around the world. We have a deep appreciation of the uniqueness of the government sector while, at the same time, we challenge old paradigms in the government which no longer serve our institutions. Of course, governmental organizations need to conserve the best of their mission and values. However, society’s expectations of government have radically shifted. This sector faces increasing pressure to produce a transformation in culture to match or exceed the effectiveness and efficiencies of the private sector.
  • Network/Community Performance: Within networks and communities, we bring our knowledge and application of the transformation sciences to support a unique conversation flow for the group that is intentional, transformational and alive. The results of our facilitation includes alignment and attunement around a shared vision; higher wisdom emerging from within the group; and a clear focus for the group’s collective energy and resources.
  • Existing/Emerging Societal Movements: Given our personal leadership in a variety of international, national and local organizations we are intimately involved in the initial formation and enhancement of a variety of societal movements in Europe, Botswana and the United States.

A fundamental characteristic of a TSI team member is the capacity to see the whole as well as the parts. We consistently strive for integration of performance-focused initiatives considering how single initiatives are linked and can be synergistic, rather than competitive, in their contribution to a shared vision.

We frequently conduct meaningful action-research that contributes to the body of knowledge in many areas of organizational and community transformation. Holding ourselves accountable for the work we do by understanding and measuring the results produced is one of our primary goals. Our knowledge, approaches, expertise and experiences span a variety of topics and opportunities including:

  • Transformation Design
  • Team Performance
  • Change Agent Performance
  • Systems Thinking
  • Generative Group Process & Facilitation
  • Transformational Movements
  • Leadership Performance
  • Individual Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Conferences/Symposiums
  • Measurement/Balanced Scorecard

What are the distinguishing characteristics of TSI?

  • Our Philosophy
    We don’t sell a discipline or tool as being the “it solution”. Instead, we explore how different ideas, methods and tools “fit” together to more effectively impact total performance. In every sense, we are synthesizers, designers and architects of transformational change. We consistently strive for integration of performance-focused initiatives considering how single initiatives are linked and can be synergistic, rather than competitive, in their contribution to a shared vision.
  • Our Depth and Span
    We have a strong academic foundation, and at the same time, methods grounded in cross-cultural and cross-sector field experience. We have created an integrated, holistic transformation methodology based on years of action-research. Our approaches are well-documented in original, published writings in the United States and Europe.
  • Our Relationships
    Moving beyond a traditional vendor-customer relationship, we work with our clients as committed partners to produce performance breakthroughs. TSI partners have a long history of serving in leadership capacities to advance the mission of professional networks such as the American Society for Quality, the European Organization for Quality, City Club and the Performance Center. We are willing and able to partner with other experts to bring forth an integrated knowledge talent.
  • Our Global Impact
    We are seen as innovators and leaders in the field of transformation across a global network that spans the North, South and Central Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. The partners of TSI are frequently invited to speak to large audiences around the world. We have performance experience in all kinds of organizations in the US and abroad.

We are a diverse community of professionals who enjoy working, learning, and growing together. Trusting relationships, passion for possibility, and spirit are foundational within our organization. We are a community of interest and a community of action. Unique vision and commitment to results are our common practice.

Our experience includes academic, applied research, consulting and leading in large and small organizations, government, non-profits and communities.

Our values compel us to form deep and lasting partnerships. Living our values is a core touchstone within TSI and our broader community. These values arise from a shared philosophy of the possibilities in human and organizational behavior.

  • Intentional Living –  Being at cause for self, relationships and community.  Doing what’s right and being held accountable at the highest level.
  • Being for the World – Living a difference and experiencing joy.
  • Community – Being in community with all; connected and related in meaningful ways.
  • Performance – Being authentically excited by radical, profound results that were not going to happen in the everyday-ordinary way of operating.

TSI Partners are leaders in a variety of international, national state and local organizations. We see the world through a lens of community building. As such, we intentionally connect with other people exploring and evolving the knowledge front in the transformation sciences.

TSI is also a founding member of The Performance Center (TPC), a not-for-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon. TPC is a global community of people joined together by a shared commitment to weave a web of greater good around the world. The Performance Center focuses on providing education to the public that promotes leadership, transformation and breakthrough performance in organizations, communities and society.

Through academic and applied research, TPC synthesizes and integrates the best theory, models and ideas in the quality management, leadership and transformation sciences to form a whole-systems approach to organizational, community and societal transformation.

Partners with TSI work with a wide spectrum of organizations, governments, associations, institutions, communities of place and communities of interest. Our unique approaches, technologies and methodologies are proven to be valuable, flexible and universally applicable. As such, the kind of organization we work with is not narrowly defined.

  • Hewlett Packard
  • NASA
  • IBM
  • European Union
  • COLA
  • United Way
  • US Department of Transportation
  • Credit Agricole, France
  • FBI
  • InFocus
  • City of Portland
  • Delta Society
  • State Government of Washington
  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • US Navy
  • Consolidated Freightways
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  • CBO (Netherlands)
  • State of Oregon
  • Alliance Data
  • Transpartisan Alliance
  • Metro
  • InterACT Transportation Priorities Project
  • Sustainable Fisheries Foundation
  • Sustainable Harvest
  • Oregon Health Coalition
  • Complete Communities for Clackamas County
  • Core Innovations Forum
  • Nike
  • Government Ministries of Botswana, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico

Contact Information

Our distinctive client-partners have already taken on multiple efforts, and achieved some results, but not the breakthrough results they want. They recognize that the existing beliefs, complexities of the work and inertia of ‘doing things as we have always done them’ are very hard to overcome. They are ready for a bold, generative and integrated approach which, ultimately, is required to achieve organizational transformation.

For more information about the work of Transformation Systems International, LCC please contact:   Walt Roberts.

Keypad Polling
Walt Roberts
I am board member of The Performance Center, a partner of Transformation Systems International and on the core team of the Transpartisan Alliance.  I’ve had extensive experience working with groups, institutions and communities that are working to generate their future together strategically, intentionally and collaboratively. I offer innovative and often unique approaches to the design and orchestration of alliances, coalitions, forums, conferences, keypad polling assisted deliberation and decision making, citizen engagement processes, and generative change initiatives.  I am one of the inventors of the Integral Forum Design concept.

(Scroll to the end of this page for my Contact Information)

The Services I provide:

  • Breakthrough Meetings with Keypad Polling; Overcoming the normal limits of  large-group process with the purposeful and expert use of electronic, audience response, keypad polling technology
  • Sourcing Circles and Collaborative Design Services; Bringing transformation, sourcing/presencing, and generative  frameworks and processes to the work of any collaborative design team  as they co-create any dialogue and deliberation process, event, meeting, summit, change initiative, alliance development and/or coalition building
  • Generative Process Design, Orchestration and Facilitation; Frame, theme, purpose and process design, orchestration and facilitation for strategic planning meetings, conferences, summits, town halls, public hearings,  open houses, community meetings and all sorts of large-group dialogue, deliberation and decision making events
  • Transboundary Convening Design; Special services and tools for bringing disparate and divided groups together to find common ground, build bridges and forge unlikely partnerships.
  • Alliance and Coalition Design, Facilitation and Development; Applying generative process services to the creation of more formal and enduring entities.
  • On-Line Networking, Information Sharing and Collaboration Integration; Identifying and implementing the right set of (existing, popular and usually free) internet based spaces, services and tools to work in concert with face to face meetings and vice verse.
  • Integral Forum Design;  Connecting, integrating and aligning  multiple conveners and conferences over time to make critical connections within and between topic “silos” (all of the previously described services come in to play for this).

Keypad Polling Info

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