The Vision, Mission, Principles and practice field for Source Leadership has had a great influence on who I am and the work I do.

Vision and Mission
We are an internationally recognized global community fostering a world that promotes responsibility, quality of life and authentic expression of individual and collective spirit.

We are connected by our interest, knowledge and expertise in the fields of consciousness, transformation, leadership, quality management and performance. Through research, synthesis and integration of emerging knowledge we develop practical and powerful transformation technologies that contribute to the expanding body of knowledge in the transformation and quality management sciences.

Our mission is fourfold:

  • To learn as a community of purpose;
  • To exchange knowledge and methods in the transformation, leadership and quality management sciences;
  • To provide or promote educational activities to the public; and
  • To advance our knowledge of leadership, organization and community transformation through action based research.

How We’re Organized
The Performance Center is a not-for-profit, virtual community connected through individuals and organizations around the world. Some examples include the Live a Difference Foundation, the European Organization for Quality and the Botswana National Productivity Center. At the core of this connection is a desire to make a positive difference in the world and a commitment to relate to one another based on our key principles.

Key Principles of The Performance Center Community

Our transformational change community is guided by several key principles. These principles are:

  • Building upon the unique strengths of each community member
  • Adopting an abundance mentality
  • Learning, growing, and risk-taking
  • Being at cause for self, relationships, and community
  • Living a difference and experiencing joy when we do it
  • Flourishing as a community of caring, supportive individuals
  • Doing what is right and being accountable at the highest level

The Performance Center is a community that, at its core, is constituted by “source” leaders. Source leaders are people attracted to the mission and vision of the Performance Center who declare themselves as generative forces in leading the organization, accountable for the fulfillment of its mission, and committed designers of the unfolding future of the organization. Source leaders are expected to participate in programs, such as our Annual Advance and the monthly Center Day meeting. In addition, source leaders generate a written life plan and commit to relating to one another based on one another’s purpose, vision and goals. Source leaders set the direction of the community and commit to action any number of ways, including participation on the Board, organizing our public education programs and inspiring community involvement.

Leaders of our community are highly effective with extensive academic and/or practical experience in a variety of disciplines. We are interdisciplinary–utilizing best practices from industrial engineering, organizational psychology, and business management to enable organizations and individuals to significantly improve performance. Our source leaders have expertise in measurement systems; strategic management; process management; total quality management; organizational trust; leadership; project management; operations management and high performance work systems. In addition, several members of our community have expertise in community design, public engagement and generative group process. Several source leaders of the Performance Center are widely published in journals dedicated to management, executive leadership and total quality management.

Qualities of a Source Leader for the Performance Center

Source leaders are:

Has a high degree of self-understanding for their life calling or purpose. Works to seek refinement of this purpose and alignment with daily work. Openly shares current comprehension/discernment of purpose with others, searching for attunement of energies between self and others.

Thinking Systemically
Sees organizations and situations from an altitude, thus allowing for a deeper understanding. Looks, finds and expresses connections within and between systems that are not obvious. Further embodies systemic thinking into an “at cause” attitude, seeing personal bearing on all of life’s workings.


Has the ability to put into action life’s purpose. Discovers paths to move forward in work and value added activities without dependence upon external motivation or hierarchical guidance.

A Builder of Relationships
Understands that business is about relationships and therefore, gains considerable skills in building and growing relationships. Leads with energy and positive in nature. Attractive to others and desired company. Highly developed communication skills.

Intellectually Curious
Has a strong appetite to understand the big picture, the greater. Employs systemic as well as creative approaches to discovery. Has joy when learning, has exultation when effectively applying learnings. Reads! Engages in discovery dialogue.

Service Oriented
Reaches out to others in an empowering manner. Demonstrates the desire and ability to move people ahead in their world along their described calling. Pursues system improvements for the sake of having better serving organizations; organizations that serve customers, stakeholders, and owners.

Skilled in Organizational Effectiveness

Has a well-developed skill in increasing organizational value, internal and external to TPC. Knows how to manifest sustainable organizational improvement. Recognized as an expert in a particular field or aspect of organizational improvement.

The Performance Cenmter History
Prior to forming a nonprofit entity, the Performance Center was an applied research and learning laboratory managed by a community of professionals and housed in the Oregon University System (OUS), in partnership with Oregon State University (OSU) and Portland State University (PSU). Administered by PSU, the Center’s work provided a mechanism for university faculty, consultants and researchers in such fields as management systems engineering, organizational psychology, and business leadership to apply and refine teachings in organizational settings. As an organization within the Oregon University System (OUS), the Performance Center provided consulting services to several organizations to improve organizational performance, including the Country of Botswana, the US Navy, Oregon State Government and other public and private organizations. We also conducted action-research to refine our teachings and to expand the body of knowledge in the transformation sciences. As of February 1, 2002, the administration of The Performance Center was transferred to its present nonprofit organization status.

Organizations may partner with the Performance Center in a variety of ways, including sponsorship and/or participation in educational programs, sharing of knowledge and ideas, seeking opportunities to be synergistic in our work, participation in research initiatives and expressions of support for one another’s vision and purpose. Fundamentally, we are organizations choosing to be in community with one another.

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