Citizen Councils + Assemblies

Concept: Citizen Leaders Council and Citizen Assembly

Transpartisan Community Convening: Create an unofficial, transpartisan Citizen Leaders Council and Citizen Assembly a) that serves as the hub of a community wide, multi-sector network-of networks (i.e. a transpartisan alliance) and b) is capable to generating attractive, out-of-the-box, win-win policy options that 80+ percent of people can say “Yes!” to.

Vision: In midst of crisis the Citizen Leaders Council and the large Citizen Assembly becomes unique, influential community resources that meets the needs of BOTH the general as well as the special interests.

Organizing strategy:

Phase One – Create a 12 to 24 member Citizen Leaders Council representing a microcosm of the community – left, right, center, as well as representation from as many of the 12 sectors as possible.  This Council serves as an informal, community wide, neutral convener/organizer.  Members are informal or formal leaders with social networks, communities, or constituencies they can outreach to for later phases of organizing.  Goal at this phase: build trust, respect, and communication.

Phase Two – Organize a day long community wide forum.  Each Citizen Leaders Council member outreaches to their network.

  • Morning: Transpartisan 101 skill building
  • Afternoon: Open space dialogue – “What are the community challenges that most need a transpartisan response?” Creation of topic area “task groups” that will each “work/play” on creating a transpartisan agenda on how to best address leading challenges in a win-win.

Phase Three – Organize a community-wide Citizens Assembly where task groups representing the 12 sectors of the wheel are brought together to cross pollinate and emerge a citizen generated, community wide, transpartisan agenda capable of offering win-win policy options to the community (will educated the community…will NOT LOBBY government.)  Transpartisan agenda may be turned into a candidate pledge at election time.

Phase Four – Repeat the process at neighborhood/district level.

Phase Five – Connect with other transpartisan groups nationally, repeat the process on national level beginning with the Second American Citizens Summit, February 2011.

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