You Can’t Evict an Idea by Sally Kohn. A Fox News Editorial that could have come from Huffington Post.

A Fox News Editorial that could have come from Huffington Post. You Can’t Evict an Idea By Sally Kohn Published November 15, 2011 The “occupy” camps were just a tactic. The 99% is a growing movement whose time has come. In the middle of the night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and hundreds of police in … Continue reading

Occupy Portland Site Closed Sunday 11/13/11

The morning after the Midnight deadline and “showdown” the Police take over the Occupy Portland Camp, set up fences around those parks, block the streets and set up a human barrier at 4th and Main where Occupiers (700?) gathered.   Occupy Portland Site Closed 11/13/11, a set on Flickr.

Occupy and American Disparities: Bad Moon Rising. “I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way”. CCR.

The second graphic is more startling than the first. Note the top line is the TOP .1% …… A couple of graphics paint the picture.  These were taken from: BAD MOON RISING, Jim Quinn, WashingtonsBlog From Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform post in which he gives an important context to the Occupy movements in … Continue reading

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame is outspoken on Fear, Walls and the Occupy Movement.

  The first video is Roger doing a quick riff in support of the Occupy Movement.  The second is an Occupy montage to the tune of The Tides are Turning.  The third is a 25 minute interview that I found quite good…  excellent questions and in depth answers so rarely found in “main stream”  media.  This … Continue reading

Videos are challenging Big Media to shape the political / social narrative. saw fit to share this video made by DC Douglas, an actor and voice over guy. I’m doing the same.  DC Douglas seems to have made this video just for the fun of it.  Wow.  DC Douglas’ blog post about this CLICK HERE or read below. DC Douglas’ “Why #OccupyWallStreet? 4 Reasons.” Why #OccupyWallStreet? Hastily written … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street (Portland Style). A few of my photos.

I’ve been rafting in the Grand Canyon for the last 20 days so I was delighted to learn about the Occupy Wall Street action upon my recent return.  Next thing I know Portland is having its own “Occupy” connected event.  Here are a few photos from today’s Occupy Portland march.  I’m guessing about 15 to 20 thousand…. … Continue reading