Citizen Documentarians On The Rise. Nick Stockton 11/12/11 Eviction Weekend, Portland Occupy.

I was observing the Occupy Portland front line on Sunday afternoon 11/13/11. Nick Stockton (and girlfriend) did a video interview of me (not in this clip) and this is his first product from the Portland eviction weekend. Citizen documentarians on the rise! Advertisements

You Can’t Evict an Idea by Sally Kohn. A Fox News Editorial that could have come from Huffington Post.

A Fox News Editorial that could have come from Huffington Post. You Can’t Evict an Idea By Sally Kohn Published November 15, 2011 The “occupy” camps were just a tactic. The 99% is a growing movement whose time has come. In the middle of the night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and hundreds of police in … Continue reading

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame is outspoken on Fear, Walls and the Occupy Movement.

  The first video is Roger doing a quick riff in support of the Occupy Movement.  The second is an Occupy montage to the tune of The Tides are Turning.  The third is a 25 minute interview that I found quite good…  excellent questions and in depth answers so rarely found in “main stream”  media.  This … Continue reading

Videos are challenging Big Media to shape the political / social narrative. saw fit to share this video made by DC Douglas, an actor and voice over guy. I’m doing the same.  DC Douglas seems to have made this video just for the fun of it.  Wow.  DC Douglas’ blog post about this CLICK HERE or read below. DC Douglas’ “Why #OccupyWallStreet? 4 Reasons.” Why #OccupyWallStreet? Hastily written … Continue reading

John Avalon, No Labels founder, is facing quite a storm. Changing the Game sees some positive possibilities with No Labels.

So much buzz and noise about No Labels.  My Changing The Game colleague Debilyn Molineaux attended their launch event and reported on her experience (see the report here, just prior to this post).  I thought adding John Avalon’s perspective, one of the founders of No Labels, would be good to feature.  Here is the opening … Continue reading

Broken social/ecomonic systems, broken power politics/Congress and media celebrity sociopaths. All three need to be fixed.

As I see it, the US has been on a gradual glide path to serious mediocrity; hoping for a nice soft landing upon our arrival at the third rate country airport.  The evidence of this is abundant; witness education, jobs, wages, consumer debt, health-care costs, income gaps, poverty, social/political divisiveness, infant mortality rates, incarceration rates … Continue reading