The State of the Union Is Comatose: I like Frank Rich’s Op-Ed Title and his survey of political landscape.

I like Frank Rich’s Op-Ed Title and his survey of the political landscape. Sizing up the current conditions and motivation for people and politicians to actually change behavior is part of the fun of figuring out how to catalyze a transpartisan shift in our divisive partisan culture and related governance quagmire. Walt

“Just look at how a sharp public slap provoked Justice Alito, threw a spotlight on the court’s dubious jurisprudence and sparked an embarrassing over-the-top hissy fit on the right. A do-nothing Congress, at a time when ever more Americans are losing their jobs and homes, is an even riper target than the Supreme Court — and far more politically vulnerable. Without strong medicine from Obama, we can be certain of the same result: a heedless Congress will keep doing nothing. If he steps it up, there’s at least a shot that his presidency, and maybe even the country, will be pulled back from the brink.”

Tea Party Movement: Something more than the hyperbole and Drama to watch here. “Open for Debate” is on it.

I’ve learned how to use RSS  feeds and Google Reader so I’m getting a nice stream of information on lots of subjects related to politics, collaboration and change.  The Tea Party movement is a bigger story than I realized and it is unfolding right before our eyes.  It is a substantial movement in its own … Continue reading

Innovation from our Government. Beth Simone Noveck. Wiki Government. More people responsible for policy decisions.

In her book Wiki Government, Noveck argues that the digital age requires us to fundamentally rethink democracy because the internet allows for a much more collaborative legislative process and can potentially make more people responsible for making policy decisions. “The private sector has learned that better decision making requires looking beyond institutionalized centers of expertise,” she wrote in the book. “Now it’s time for government to do the same.