Want political shift, government reform, better democracy? One MUST read from one BIG thinker; Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute on Democracy.

Here is one “must read” if you want to shift our politics and have our government function better. Big and good thinker about democracy and more, Tom Atlee is with the Co-Intelligence Institute. He has a Blog called Tom-Atlee’s posterous: Random Communications from the Evolutionary Edge. If you are working on changing our politics and renewing our democracy then you have to read and consider what Tom has been thinking and writing about. Here is a recent piece in its entirety. Please go subscribe to Toms Blog and the Co-Intelligence list-serve. Enjoy. Walt
” I see an unprecedented surge of democratic consciousness-raising and creativity in the last few months and going off the charts in the last week. The Supreme Court decision directly inspired a few of these efforts, but by its extreme irrationality it also releases powerful energies that could support any number of significant initiatives and radically shift democracy in participatory, answerable, collectively intelligent directions. Anything could happen. Right now is what evolutionary political theorists call “an evolutionary moment.” ” Tom Atlee