Occupy Your Citizen Self. The quiet story. Ralph Benko. Democracy, Denied; Republic, Lost

Ralph Benko This is interesting for what it is, for who wrote it and because of where it was published.  This Occupy (your citizen-self) is becoming “the” story and I wonder which players in Big (Conservative, Wall Street) Media will likely “report” on it for the sake of profiting while being slammed.  One of the … Continue reading

Transformation Systems International is the community that is foundational to my work: Generative Engagement and Change Initiatives.

This is a nice 7 minute video that portrays the essence of who we are and what informs our integrated transformation, engagement and performance work.  Enjoy.  Walt 13.Transformation Systems International in Essence by Peter Hwosch

Values, guiding principals and manifestos: That which provides common ground or ground for partisan divide and conquer?

Values, guiding principals and that wich provides common ground…..  In the partisan political game we are often talking right past each other… on purpose.  We mobilize our base/tribe by being against something or someone or some group.  We demonize and vilify for the sake of consolidating support in the quest for power in a win … Continue reading

Want political shift, government reform, better democracy? One MUST read from one BIG thinker; Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute on Democracy.

Here is one “must read” if you want to shift our politics and have our government function better. Big and good thinker about democracy and more, Tom Atlee is with the Co-Intelligence Institute. He has a Blog called Tom-Atlee’s posterous: Random Communications from the Evolutionary Edge. If you are working on changing our politics and renewing our democracy then you have to read and consider what Tom has been thinking and writing about. Here is a recent piece in its entirety. Please go subscribe to Toms Blog and the Co-Intelligence list-serve. Enjoy. Walt
” I see an unprecedented surge of democratic consciousness-raising and creativity in the last few months and going off the charts in the last week. The Supreme Court decision directly inspired a few of these efforts, but by its extreme irrationality it also releases powerful energies that could support any number of significant initiatives and radically shift democracy in participatory, answerable, collectively intelligent directions. Anything could happen. Right now is what evolutionary political theorists call “an evolutionary moment.” ” Tom Atlee

POWER + CHANGE: A shout-out for Portland’s ILLAHEE; a forum,lecture series + Blog for Transformational change agents (and the curious!)

One must attend to world-view, paradigm, perspective, culture, systems, structures and context in the work of transformative change.  More and more of us are seeing the complexity and interconnectedness of issues and are struggling to get a grip on that complexity as we work to bring about greater liberty, security, equity, justice, resiliency, well-being, sustainability, … Continue reading

The State of the Union Is Comatose: I like Frank Rich’s Op-Ed Title and his survey of political landscape.

I like Frank Rich’s Op-Ed Title and his survey of the political landscape. Sizing up the current conditions and motivation for people and politicians to actually change behavior is part of the fun of figuring out how to catalyze a transpartisan shift in our divisive partisan culture and related governance quagmire. Walt

“Just look at how a sharp public slap provoked Justice Alito, threw a spotlight on the court’s dubious jurisprudence and sparked an embarrassing over-the-top hissy fit on the right. A do-nothing Congress, at a time when ever more Americans are losing their jobs and homes, is an even riper target than the Supreme Court — and far more politically vulnerable. Without strong medicine from Obama, we can be certain of the same result: a heedless Congress will keep doing nothing. If he steps it up, there’s at least a shot that his presidency, and maybe even the country, will be pulled back from the brink.”