Left and right push for President Obama ‘question time’. Politico’s MIKE ALLEN reports on “Demand Question Time”.

Obama’s give and take with Republican’s at their annual retreat raised a few eyebrows and a call for MORE! Demand Question Time is a petition created by a (transpartisan?) collection of Bloggers that you can sign if you support this idea. Think about it! Walt Excerpt from Politico:
“Demand Question Time invites visitors to sign a petition: “We live in a world that increasingly demands more dialogue than monologue. President Obama’s January 29th question-and-answer session with Republican leaders gave the public a remarkable window into the state of our union and governing process. It was riveting and educational. The exchanges were substantive, civil and candid. And in a rare break from our modern politics, sharp differences between elected leaders were on full public display without rancor or ridicule.” …

The State of the Union Is Comatose: I like Frank Rich’s Op-Ed Title and his survey of political landscape.

I like Frank Rich’s Op-Ed Title and his survey of the political landscape. Sizing up the current conditions and motivation for people and politicians to actually change behavior is part of the fun of figuring out how to catalyze a transpartisan shift in our divisive partisan culture and related governance quagmire. Walt

“Just look at how a sharp public slap provoked Justice Alito, threw a spotlight on the court’s dubious jurisprudence and sparked an embarrassing over-the-top hissy fit on the right. A do-nothing Congress, at a time when ever more Americans are losing their jobs and homes, is an even riper target than the Supreme Court — and far more politically vulnerable. Without strong medicine from Obama, we can be certain of the same result: a heedless Congress will keep doing nothing. If he steps it up, there’s at least a shot that his presidency, and maybe even the country, will be pulled back from the brink.”

State of the Union Address and “The pundicratic response”: Top dogs bark on the need to work accross political divides.

Excerpt from “The pundicratic response”:
Yes, our highest elected officials are ticked off. The House hates the Senate. The liberal Democrats hate the moderate Democrats. The normal conservative Republicans hate the hyper Tea Party-types.

Looking out at the motley crew seated before him, the president seemed at times to be pretending that he had never seen these people before in his life. “Washington has been telling us to wait for decades,” he complained at one point, as if he were a visitor from the heartland.

Obama meets with Republicans. AP account and YouTube If you missed it. Talking Transpartisan Shift.

The spotlight was on the need for a transpartisan shift in DC and Baltimore last week. The topics of partisan stonewalling, bi-partisan possibilities and getting something done in DC were brought up by Obama at the State of the Union Address and at an appearance at the Republicans annual retreat. He and some republicans spoke to the need to govern, lead and directly to the need to get beyond the pathalogical partisan politics paralisis . If you missed it here is and excerpt and link the AP account of the televised encounter of Obama’s vist to the Republican annual retreat and one of many clips you can find on You Tube. Walt

AP Report: “Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, part of the GOP leadership in the House, said before the session that his party needed to show voters that “we’re ready to govern again” in advance of congressional elections this fall.

The president began by urging bipartisanship and cooperation in a manner similar to his State of the Union address earlier this week. “I don’t believe the American people want us to focus on our job security. They want us to focus on their job security,” Obama said to a loud ovation.”