PRICELE$$, Money in Politics

Changing the Game will be facilitating the Strategy Summit part of this event.  We introduced the Priceless documentary to The Coffee Party and are very happy to see the mutual benefit.  Watch the clip!

Host a House Party Screening of PRICELE$$ & support the For the People Summit

Mon, 01/10/2011 – 10:57am — EricByler

CLICK HERE to see the trailer for PRICELE$$ and find out how you can host a House Party and be part of the

Be among the first to receive a special advance copy of the DVD release that will jolt America into action in 2011.How much does it cost to run for a U.S. Senate seat? One million dollars? Two? Four?Only if you want to lose. The cost of running for office has grown so large that only a tiny sliver of Americans can donate anything significant, or dream of running themselves.America’s current electoral system forces elected representatives, in both parties, to rely on special interests for their job security. Large corporations in the oil industry, banking industry, agrichemical industry, and health insurance industry have more influence over our elected representatives than We the People. Is it any wonder we are so unhappy with the policies they make?PRICELE$$ is a one-hour documentary that diagnoses the problem, and introduces some possible solutions.

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