The Team

The Core team:

Debilyn Molineaux                  559-213-8463

Walt Roberts                              503-335-3200

Amanda Kathryn Roman       202-236-9193

Peter Hwosch                            541-301-0580

The Change Design Lab Team


Walt Roberts is a founding partner of Changing The Game; Power Politics and Participation (CTG).  He leads CTG’s Change Design and Action Research Lab.   Walt is also a partner with Transformation Systems International (TSI) and board member of its sister organization The Performance Center (TPC).  Through academic and applied research, both TSI and TPC synthesize and integrate the best theory, models and ideas in the quality management, leadership and transformation sciences to form a whole-systems approach to organizational, community and societal transformation.  Walt Designed and facilitated the Transpartisan Alliance’s 2009 American Citizen’s Summit and served on TA’s leadership team until Spring 2010.  More Recently Walt contributed significantly to the design production and orchestration of the National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation’s “Cascadia” Region Conference in Portland.  Walt’s work is about advancing the art, science and application of generative discourse and social transformation technologies.  He specializes in integrated design and orchestration services for cooperative solution processes and collaborative change initiatives that must transcend political and other divides to be successful.


Debilyn Molineaux is co-founder of Changing the Game; Power Politics & Participation, an ongoing conversation that involves designing, implementing and supporting efforts in bridge building work for organizations, coalitions, events & movements.  Debilyn works beyond labels, but a few that could apply are Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist and Political Independent.  As a candidate in a local nonpartisan race, she was able to attract people from all parties to work collaboratively on her campaign.  Debilyn is a collaborative partner with the Transpartisan Center; a Washington D.C. based group working to bridge political divides with policy makers. Debilyn draws from her work with Reuniting America, the Transpartisan Alliance as well as her successful 20-year career in advertising/marketing and small business ownership.  Debilyn has dedicated her working life to facilitating our larger conversation about our evolving social contract.


Amanda Kathryn Roman lives her life in passionate pursuit of service to others. She has been making a difference as a political bridgebuilder for the past sixteen years working to awaken the spirit of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Amanda is a committed grassroots activist leader and partner who has worked from within the political structure and from outside of it. She is a results-proven organizational executive with a track record of ground-breaking successes. Roman has exceptional communication and relationship building skills applied to internal teams, community groups, government representatives and staffs, corporations and other external parties. She thrives in challenging, dynamic environments requiring innovation and high energy. Amanda has 8+ years of experience in executive, leadership and management positions, with successful organizational development in both stable and turnaround environments. Roman has 15+ years of experience with political campaigns and an active enthusiasm for international political organizations and movements. Amanda is currently the Executive Director of Citizens in Charge Foundation, a national transpartisan voter rights organization. Roman worked in local and state politics in New Jersey for 7 years, lived and worked in the Washington, DC area for 10 years, and has recently moved to Nevada City, CA to continue her bridge-building work on the west coast. She is a founding partner of an emerging transpartisan initiative called ‘Changing the Game.’ This initiative is empowering existing organizations in shifting the corrosive political power and conflict game to one aimed at fostering constructive and cooperative solutions for our country and our communities. Amanda and her husband Dave own B.E.T.T.E.R. Inc. (Building Evergrowing Trust Through Effective Relationships) which allows them to serve and be an active part of their community. Amanda and Dave live in Nevada City, CA with their daughter Kathryn.

Peter Hwosch is a filmmaker, Compassionate Listening facilitator, musician and project director with various non-profits around the world. Peter has been documenting the work of Reuniting America since 2006, having produced numerous short films introducing this work and is now additionally developing the Transpartisan Toolbox together with other colleagues. Peter has worked in Israel/Palestine with the Compassionate Listening Project, producing two films on this work. He lived in the Balkans for four years co-directing The Seedlings of Peace Summer Camp, bringing youth from all three sides of former Yugoslavia together to learn communication skills and foster relationship. Peter has extensive experience holding the center in very conflicted environments and presents screenings, workshops and concerts, to organizations, businesses, interested groups, schools and Universities around the world.

Heather Tischbein is a citizen advocate and community organizer for environmental conservation, sustainable economics and local self-reliance.  She has been facilitating community conversations in the traditions of World Café, Conversation Café, Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry since 2004.  Heather is a member of NCDD, has her IAP2 certification, and serves on the board of the Co-Intelligence Institute.  Through her participation with the Make Democracy Work project at the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library and the Mystery of Love dialogue project, Heather was able to introduce her community to the power of citizen conversations.  In 2006, Heather worked with the Clark County Democratic Party to implement Conversation Café as the format for all precinct meetings. Most recently Heather has been working on the rural west slope of Colorado to empower citizens to effectively address public health and natural resource protection issues associated with the development energy resources such as natural gas, coal, oil shale and uranium.


Change design Lab’s Special Advisors and Contributors
Joan Blades is a co-founder and President of as well as co-founder of  She is the co-author of The Custom-Fit Workplace published for Labor Day 2010, as well as The Motherhood Manifesto, which won the Ernesta Drinker Ballard Book Prize in 2007. She has been engaged in transpartisan dialog on both a formal and informal basis since 2004. Last century she co-founded Berkeley Systems best known for the flying toaster screen saver “After Dark” and taught mediation at Golden Gate Law School.
Michael D. Ostrolenk is the Executive Director of the Transpartisan Center in Washington DC.  The Transpartisan Center hosts left/right salons and help to create and support transpartisan coalitions.  He served as President of Reuniting America (2007-2008) as well as Co-Director (2006-2007).  He is also a founding member of the Integral Institute.  He has written for a wide variety of publications ranging from USA Today to The American Conservative Magazine and speaks frequently about health-care, foreign policy and national security related issues. He also speaks on the Transpartisan philosophy and its practical application.  Working to promote civil liberties, Michael co-founded and is National Director of the Liberty Coalition, a transpartisan coalition of groups working to protect civil liberties, privacy and human autonomy (2005- present).  He is presently the coalition coordinator and public policy counsel for the Campaign for Liberty working on transparency and open government issues.  He also sits on the Steering Committee for
Judith Ansara MSW has been a consultant, trainer and executive coach for over 30 years. Co- founder of the Peacemaker Institute in Boulder, CO., she has served as a trainer for the Rockwood Leadership Institute and facilitated organizations and leaders including Search for Common Ground; Center for Community Change; Just Vision; UNICEF; Spitfire Strategies and the City of Boulder. Judith has taught at Naropa and the University of Massachusetts, and has been a long-time faculty at centers like Omega, Hollyhock and Esalen. She has special mastery in program design and facilitation, interpersonal andinter-group communications, and transformational coaching and group processes.
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