Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame is outspoken on Fear, Walls and the Occupy Movement.

  The first video is Roger doing a quick riff in support of the Occupy Movement.  The second is an Occupy montage to the tune of The Tides are Turning.  The third is a 25 minute interview that I found quite good…  excellent questions and in depth answers so rarely found in “main stream”  media.  This … Continue reading

Occupy Your Citizen Self. The quiet story. Ralph Benko. Democracy, Denied; Republic, Lost

Ralph Benko This is interesting for what it is, for who wrote it and because of where it was published.  This Occupy (your citizen-self) is becoming “the” story and I wonder which players in Big (Conservative, Wall Street) Media will likely “report” on it for the sake of profiting while being slammed.  One of the … Continue reading

Annabel Park on self-organizing, leadership and taking action. Video on tax burden shift too.

I’m exploring how we are changing in the business of instigating change for a healthier society, economy and democratic republic.  Annabel Park is an example of new kind of leader and the Coffee Party is learning how to be an effective maker of movements, large and small.  Enjoy.  Walt Click here to go to Annabel’s … Continue reading

Business for Democracy, opposed to Citizens United decision.

Recently Changing The Game worked with the Coffee Party and Movement For The People in an effort to foster a transpartisan coalition to address the Citizens United decision and other aspects of “corporatocracy” (influence of money in politics).  This mention of Business for Democracy came by way of the Social Venture Network newsletter.  It will be interesting … Continue reading

From the Village Green to the C-SPAN Screen: ‘Legalize Democracy!’ Campaigners Attack Corporate Control of Elections. John Nichols, The Nation.

We had a hectic but good day here at the For The People Summit.  Tomorrow we do some real work.  How do we build alliances, partnerships, coalitions and a movement that can get the job done?  We shall see.  Walt From the Village Green to the C-SPAN Screen: ‘Legalize Democracy!’ Campaigners Attack Corporate Control of Elections … Continue reading

Changing the Game of Money in Politics. New documentary “PRICELE$$”. For The People Summit is addressing this dysfunction. Watch this clip!

Changing the Game will be facilitating the Strategy Summit part of this event.  We introduced the Priceless documentary to The Coffee Party and are very happy to see the mutual benefit.  Watch the clip!.  Enjoy.  Walt   Host a House Party Screening of PRICELE$$ & support the For the People Summit   Mon, 01/10/2011 – … Continue reading