Changing the Game’s Change Design Lab: Coffee Party 2.0 Transition Project

Changing the Game; Power Politics and Participation and the Change Design Lab have partnered with the Coffee Party (March 2011) to conduct a four month endeavor called CP 2.0 Transition Project.  Here are some clips from Coffee Party Newsletters that describe our work. “The Coffee Party 2.0 Transition Team is working hard to lay out the strategy and infrastructure … Continue reading

Michelle Holliday’s TED Talk VIDEO on Thrivability + The Future of Humanity

4/4/2011  I’m posting this again with the Video of Michelle’s talk as well as the text version I sent in late February.  Walt Significant changes often are underpinned by a significantly different way of viewing the world and how it works.  Michelle Holliday is doing a great job of articulating some of the emerging perspectives … Continue reading

Visible Vote, definitely a Game Changer. Social Media brings you to Congress and Congress to you. Free. Check it out.

Walt Roberts here in Washington DC helping out at the For The People Summit.  I had the pleasure to meet Visible Vote’s Jonathan Macchi and I’m very impressed with the man, the application and the implications for this tool for organizations like the Coffee Party, Movement For The People and  This is a game … Continue reading

The Coffee Party was born on Facebook and social media is changing how we change societies.

Annabel Park (story below) and social media (great video).  I wanted to put two and two together here.  The Coffee Party was born on Facebook and social media is changing how we change societies.  Social media is having BIG influence on many things including social movements and social systems transformation.  Changing the Game of Power, … Continue reading

Power, Politics and Participation: The Coffee Party striving to “Be The Change”.

Changing the Game: Power, Politics and Participation has an exciting new partnership with the Coffee Party.  Our Change Design Lab has turned its attention to helping the Coffee Party Movement grow and develop in its capacities to effectively fulfill its vision and mission.  This post begins a series that will feature the Coffee Party, Movemnet … Continue reading

Tom Atlee “I see an emerging trend: A rising spirit of citizens coming together outside of the partisan battle to find common sense solutions to local problems and national policies.”

I’m sharing this because Tom Atlee has been “showing up” as a great thinking partner, articulator and depicter of important trends and movements. Much of Tom’s recent contribution has been expressed and deliberated through the on-line conversation hosted by the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, NCDD.  I offer a quick and sincere appreciation to … Continue reading