A Strategist for Rebalancing Power

http://blog.prospect.org/article/stephen-lerners-2011 Stephen Lerner’s 2011 Harold Meyerson January 2, 2012 “We must expand from one-day marches and demonstrations to weeks of creative direct action and activities,” wrote Stephen Lerner in New Labor Forum, a quarterly left-labor journal, several weeks before Occupy Wall Street took shape. One way to do that, he continued, “is to build these kinds … Continue reading


I’m posting Michelle Holliday’s recent blog and a link to her slide show here.  I love the way she connected the Living Room Conversation effort to the Occupy movement in her post.  Thanks Michelle.  To link to her blog CLICK HERE.  The full text of her blog is provided below the Humanity 4.0 slide show. … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street (Portland Style). A few of my photos.

I’ve been rafting in the Grand Canyon for the last 20 days so I was delighted to learn about the Occupy Wall Street action upon my recent return.  Next thing I know Portland is having its own “Occupy” connected event.  Here are a few photos from today’s Occupy Portland march.  I’m guessing about 15 to 20 thousand…. … Continue reading

Changing the Game’s Change Design Lab: Coffee Party 2.0 Transition Project

Changing the Game; Power Politics and Participation and the Change Design Lab have partnered with the Coffee Party (March 2011) to conduct a four month endeavor called CP 2.0 Transition Project.  Here are some clips from Coffee Party Newsletters that describe our work. “The Coffee Party 2.0 Transition Team is working hard to lay out the strategy and infrastructure … Continue reading

5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy. By Mark Hill, Mar 24, 2011

Mark has got a a satirical edge to his message but it is hard to find fault in his analysis.  Enjoy.  Walt 5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy By Mark Hill Mar 24, 2011 Ask the average person what’s wrong with government and you’ll hear all about corrupt politicians, corporate lobbyists and shady backroom deals. But, of … Continue reading

MoveOn.org gives Movement For The People/ The Coffee Party a little help in Local Organizing around the Citizens United anniversary.

MoveOn.org is in its tenth year and going strong.  Nice to see MoveOn.org supporting the local organizing for the fledgling MOVEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE, being launched by The Coffee Party and Backbone Campaign.  Changing the Game has enjoyed working with MoveOn.org founder Joan Blades and appreciate her leadership and many accomplishments. Congratulations to all.  Walt MoveOn: 10 years old, 5 … Continue reading