Coffee Party Movement 2.0 Project in step with the “Occupy” movement with colleague Debilyn Molineaux’s help as interim Executive Director.

I’m very pleased to see Debilyn continuing the good work we started last Spring helping the Coffee Party Movement evolve into a Game Changing movement/organization.  W. Click Here to Go to Coffee Party website/Newsletter. Birth of the Enough is Enough Rally Tue, 10/18/2011 – 9:44pm — Coffee Party Nation By Debilyn Molineaux, Executive Director … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street (Portland Style). A few of my photos.

I’ve been rafting in the Grand Canyon for the last 20 days so I was delighted to learn about the Occupy Wall Street action upon my recent return.  Next thing I know Portland is having its own “Occupy” connected event.  Here are a few photos from today’s Occupy Portland march.  I’m guessing about 15 to 20 thousand…. … Continue reading

Changing the Game’s Change Design Lab: Coffee Party 2.0 Transition Project

Changing the Game; Power Politics and Participation and the Change Design Lab have partnered with the Coffee Party (March 2011) to conduct a four month endeavor called CP 2.0 Transition Project.  Here are some clips from Coffee Party Newsletters that describe our work. “The Coffee Party 2.0 Transition Team is working hard to lay out the strategy and infrastructure … Continue reading

Watch this Video: US Chamber of Commerce & Trickle-down Economics

Tax day is coming up soon.  Hardly anybody likes to pay taxes.  Nearly everybody like the idea of fairness.  Hardly anybody knows how much the tax burden has shifted to individuals and away from large corporations.   A few organizations are working together to get the word out and here is the blurb, enjoy In support of … Continue reading

Annabel Park on self-organizing, leadership and taking action. Video on tax burden shift too.

I’m exploring how we are changing in the business of instigating change for a healthier society, economy and democratic republic.  Annabel Park is an example of new kind of leader and the Coffee Party is learning how to be an effective maker of movements, large and small.  Enjoy.  Walt Click here to go to Annabel’s … Continue reading

Business for Democracy, opposed to Citizens United decision.

Recently Changing The Game worked with the Coffee Party and Movement For The People in an effort to foster a transpartisan coalition to address the Citizens United decision and other aspects of “corporatocracy” (influence of money in politics).  This mention of Business for Democracy came by way of the Social Venture Network newsletter.  It will be interesting … Continue reading