Watch this Video: US Chamber of Commerce & Trickle-down Economics

Tax day is coming up soon.  Hardly anybody likes to pay taxes.  Nearly everybody like the idea of fairness.  Hardly anybody knows how much the tax burden has shifted to individuals and away from large corporations.   A few organizations are working together to get the word out and here is the blurb, enjoy In support of … Continue reading

Annabel Park on self-organizing, leadership and taking action. Video on tax burden shift too.

I’m exploring how we are changing in the business of instigating change for a healthier society, economy and democratic republic.  Annabel Park is an example of new kind of leader and the Coffee Party is learning how to be an effective maker of movements, large and small.  Enjoy.  Walt Click here to go to Annabel’s … Continue reading

5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy. By Mark Hill, Mar 24, 2011

Mark has got a a satirical edge to his message but it is hard to find fault in his analysis.  Enjoy.  Walt 5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy By Mark Hill Mar 24, 2011 Ask the average person what’s wrong with government and you’ll hear all about corrupt politicians, corporate lobbyists and shady backroom deals. But, of … Continue reading

Annabel Park, founder of the Coffe Party Movement and now… MOVEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE. Changing the Game is helping with this bold experiment.

Walt Roberts here and happy to be involved in designing some of the processes for the For The People Summit coming up on January 20-22 2011. Changing the Game hopes this Summit will be a strong start of the new experiment in transpartisan coalition, community organizing and citizen empowerment entity “Movement for the People”.  Read … Continue reading

Power, Politics and Participation: The Coffee Party striving to “Be The Change”.

Changing the Game: Power, Politics and Participation has an exciting new partnership with the Coffee Party.  Our Change Design Lab has turned its attention to helping the Coffee Party Movement grow and develop in its capacities to effectively fulfill its vision and mission.  This post begins a series that will feature the Coffee Party, Movemnet … Continue reading

Tom Atlee “I see an emerging trend: A rising spirit of citizens coming together outside of the partisan battle to find common sense solutions to local problems and national policies.”

I’m sharing this because Tom Atlee has been “showing up” as a great thinking partner, articulator and depicter of important trends and movements. Much of Tom’s recent contribution has been expressed and deliberated through the on-line conversation hosted by the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, NCDD.  I offer a quick and sincere appreciation to … Continue reading