Annabel Park on self-organizing, leadership and taking action. Video on tax burden shift too.

I’m exploring how we are changing in the business of instigating change for a healthier society, economy and democratic republic.  Annabel Park is an example of new kind of leader and the Coffee Party is learning how to be an effective maker of movements, large and small.  Enjoy.  Walt Click here to go to Annabel’s … Continue reading

Michelle Holliday’s TED Talk VIDEO on Thrivability + The Future of Humanity

4/4/2011  I’m posting this again with the Video of Michelle’s talk as well as the text version I sent in late February.  Walt Significant changes often are underpinned by a significantly different way of viewing the world and how it works.  Michelle Holliday is doing a great job of articulating some of the emerging perspectives … Continue reading

Humanity 4.0 by Michelle Holliday, Cambium Consulting. The role of Conversation in change.

Michelle Holliday has done a fine job of describing where we are in our developmental process.  I’m especially glad to see her conclusion point to the role of “conversation” as the vehicle by which we move toward H 4.0 (or anywhere).  I’m working with a small action research team to create/integrate conversation design principles, practical conversation … Continue reading

Wisdom for All. You Cannot Miss the Path of the Reawakened Master. Happy New Year. Walt

The Morning Blessing 12.30.10   Sleeper Lost In Dreams by James Christensen   You Cannot Miss the Path of the Reawakened Master. The path of the forgotten master is well-worn because it has been walked upon many times. It is an inviting and appealing path, one that seems to say, “Enter me and you will … Continue reading