Occupy Portland: A video that tells the larger Occupy Movement story so well.

This is a clear and compelling depiction of the core reason for  and the core spirit of the Occupy Movement.  This is really good.  If you have friends that don’t quite get it, share this good video with them.  Enjoy.  Walt   Why Occupy Portland? from Softbox on Vimeo.

Citizen Documentarians On The Rise. Nick Stockton 11/12/11 Eviction Weekend, Portland Occupy.

I was observing the Occupy Portland front line on Sunday afternoon 11/13/11. Nick Stockton (and girlfriend) did a video interview of me (not in this clip) and this is his first product from the Portland eviction weekend. Citizen documentarians on the rise!

Occupy Your Citizen Self. The quiet story. Ralph Benko. Democracy, Denied; Republic, Lost

Ralph Benko This is interesting for what it is, for who wrote it and because of where it was published.  This Occupy (your citizen-self) is becoming “the” story and I wonder which players in Big (Conservative, Wall Street) Media will likely “report” on it for the sake of profiting while being slammed.  One of the … Continue reading


I’m posting Michelle Holliday’s recent blog and a link to her slide show here.  I love the way she connected the Living Room Conversation effort to the Occupy movement in her post.  Thanks Michelle.  To link to her blog CLICK HERE.  The full text of her blog is provided below the Humanity 4.0 slide show. … Continue reading

Annabel Park on self-organizing, leadership and taking action. Video on tax burden shift too.

I’m exploring how we are changing in the business of instigating change for a healthier society, economy and democratic republic.  Annabel Park is an example of new kind of leader and the Coffee Party is learning how to be an effective maker of movements, large and small.  Enjoy.  Walt Click here to go to Annabel’s … Continue reading

5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy. By Mark Hill, Mar 24, 2011

Mark has got a a satirical edge to his message but it is hard to find fault in his analysis.  Enjoy.  Walt 5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy By Mark Hill Mar 24, 2011 Ask the average person what’s wrong with government and you’ll hear all about corrupt politicians, corporate lobbyists and shady backroom deals. But, of … Continue reading