Vision 2015

Vision 2015:

Crisis, creative collaboration and generative interaction have all come together to cause a breakthrough. We have learned how to work together in the spirit of partnership and collaboration. We are demonstrating our growing capacity to co-generate the future we desire.

The people of America and our friends around the world are waking up, getting connected to a deeper purpose and a deeper partnership. Traditional institutions and new enterprises have incorporated new generative ways of interacting, making decisions and working collaboratively to enhance wellbeing for all (social environmental and economic wellbeing).

Processes for practical problem solving have been connected with core principles and profound possibilities. America and the World are energized by possibility, purpose and partnership.

Paraphrasing Bucky Fuller…. “We are generating a world that works for everyone and everything, with no one and nothing left out.” Tough challenges still abound but the breakthrough in our ability to be in partnership, to work collaboratively to solve problems and to co-generate a brighter future gives us a sense of purpose, possibility and pride in doing our part.

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