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Walt Roberts

I’m on the core team of Changing The Game, a partner with Transformation Systems International, , and a board member of The Performance Center.

I’m interested in advancing the art, science and application of generative discourse and social transformation technologies.

I offer integrated design and orchestration services for strategic and cooperative solution processes, and collaborative change initiatives that must transcend political and other divides to be successful.

These services are applicable to conferences, public engagement processes, community forums, education/awareness campaigns, alliances, coalitions and movements that must transcend traditional approaches to produce optimal results.

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My current effort and focus is on:

  • Transpartisan Politics: Organizing, coordinating and catalyzing a transpartisan movement to shift  our polarizing win-lose political game to a more respectful, civil and cooperative win-win political game.
  • Transboundary Collaboration:  Advancing innovation in the design of transboundary (bridging divides) processes for breakthrough cooperation, collaboration and partnerships.
  • Transformation Technologies:  Effectively applying profound (social and performance) transformation technologies to the existing “practical” civic dialogue and deliberation processes (community meetings, policy summits,  town hall meetings, public hearings, etc.)

The Services I provide:

Keypad Polling Info

What I Attend To and Intend To Impact:

  • Context: Ability and means to see the larger system (Whole Systems/Integral/ The Human Commons)
  • Complexity: Ability to see patterns and appreciate multiple perspectives on the topics of common concern. (The simplicity on the other side of complexity)
  • Civility: Transcending feelings and tones of aggression, hostility and divisiveness ( Communicating and relating responsibly and authentically)
  • Citizen Empowerment: Awakening and enabling the citizen side of citizen/consumer (Engaged, Leadership, Agency)
  • Community and Civic Agency:  Enhancing our sense of relatedness and influence in regard to our place and  those who share it (Structure for Belonging, Social Capital)
  • Creative Convening: The art and science of inviting, conversing and  making connections (Creating Opportunities to Cooperate and Collaborate)
  • Creative Partnerships: Integrating the profound and the practical processes for “Generative” interaction and collaborative partnerships (Dialogue, Deliberation and Decision Making)
  • Cooperative Solutions, Governance and Public Policy:   Whole systems solutions, projects, programs and policies that are elegant, workable and sustainable answers/responses to wicked challenges and opportunities.

What I’m About:

  • Supporting creative community connections, conversations, cooperation and  collaboration
  • Aligning connections, conversations, intentions and actions to common vision/purpose / goals
  • Fostering citizen engagement and empowerment for greater civic agency
  • Encouraging transboundary (bridging divides) connections and collaborations
  • Moving Movements;  The watershed planning, sustainability and transpartisan political movements for example
  • Integrating profound transformation systems and social technologies with the existing “practical” ones.
  • Causing breakthrough conversations, processes and results
  • Catalyzing the sustainable generation of social, economic and environmental well-being…. for all.

What I am Frequently Invited to Work On:

  • Public Forums and Citizen Involvement Events
  • Association Meetings or Conferences
  • Group Dialogue, Deliberation, Problem Solving and Decision Meetings
  • Community Planning Meetings
  • Transportation or Land Use Planning Events
  • Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Trainings
  • Strategic and Transformation Planning Events
  • Brain-storming, and Creative Sessions
  • Search Conferences and Visioning Events
  • Charrettes and Collaborative Design Events
  • Focus Groups and Group Dialogue Sessions
  • Group Assessment and Team Building Events
  • Product Design, Evaluation and JAD Processes
  • Organizing, Mobilization and Action Research Processes

I have done some work with  for-profit corporations but I have spent the majority of my energy working with governments, associations, non-profits, schools and community groups.  The topics and issues have been wide ranging and include transportation and land use planning, tax reform, school-to-work issues, economic development, sustainable fisheries, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, ecosystem based resource management (Columbia Basin), watershed planning, community development, education reform, workforce development, corporate social responsibility, sustainable coffee, affordable housing, public health, and others.

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Some Examples of My Past Work/Projects

1. The Timberline Conference- Democratic Progress, Vision with Action:  A one evening and one-day conference dedicated to exploring visionary ideas and how to best put them into action convened by the Oregon Democratic Leadership Council and The Kennedy School Group.

2. Operation Listen: A community engagement process about transportation and growth issues, constraints and priorities organized by a group of citizens and supported by Clackamas County (Oregon) and the county’s Economic Development Commission.

3. High Performance and Leadership:  An assessment, learning and alignment project with the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development’s leadership team.

4. Toward Ecosystem-Based Management in the Upper Columbia River Basin: An international conference in Castlegar, Canada to develop a common vision and strategies to help facilitate cooperative, trans-boundary resource management.

5. Oregon APEC Education and Research Alliance (OAERA): An action search event focused on the Oregon University System and opportunities for universities to collaborate on projects involving APEC economies and issues of sustainable development.

6. Beaverton School District Learning Search and Community Forum: A series of nine small inquiry groups, four large inquiry meetings and a 400-person community forum were held to explore how the Beaverton community can better work together to contribute to the learning and success of all its young people.

7. Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.: A series of quarterly strategy and participative design forums for the executives and senior managers to formulate, communicate, improve, align on and implement core strategies and to achieve the organization’s key goals.

8. Willamette Valley Livability Forum: The first, third and sixth in a series of conferences convened by the Governor of Oregon exploring how to sustain the ‘livability’ of the whole Willamette Valley.

9. Collaborative Learning Circle: A strategic assessment and future design retreat for fifteen non profit groups in southern Oregon and northern California focusing on rural community development and sustainable forestry practices.

10. Unemployment Insurance Reform Dialogue: A one-day multi-stakeholder event, followed by six events around the state, exploring the need to reform Unemployment Insurance and Employment Services.  A joint effort between the Oregon Employment Department’s (OED) and the U.S. Department of Labor.

11. The Social Venture Network: A member assessment of the Network’s services and initiatives including an open space and Quaker style meeting sessions utilizing keypad polling.

12. Oregon Conference on Real Tax Reform: 130 people representing diverse perspectives heard from national and local tax policy experts as they considered how good and fair 7 proposed “revenue neutral’ tax systems would be.  The conference was produced by Oregon Taxpayers United Education Foundation and designed by a diverse team.

13. Eugene Water and Electric Board: A learning search conference and organizational / environmental scan project to assist executives, managers and key staff, faced with deregulation and change, in their strategic planning process.

14. US Department of the Treasury, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund’s BusinessLINC Conference:  Assessing the opportunities and preferred avenues of participation for banks, financial institutions and mature organizations to mentor and provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs in economically depressed areas.

15. Project Green Purse- Everywoman’s Money Conference: The launching event by Jim Hill, Oregon State Treasurer, of a statewide financial education and awareness campaign. 2600 women, participating from thirteen remote sites via satellite, were motivated to take control of their money and lives in a daylong conference with national and regional experts.  This project began its national tour in Boise Idaho and will reach people in 30 states by the end of 2000.

16. Rocky Mountain Association for Colleges and Employers Annual Conference: Multiple learning search sessions to conduct a large group, real-time, member assessment and future design process for the association.

17. Portland Public Schools: Phase 2 of a community based strategic planning process called ‘ClassAction’ that included fifteen stakeholder meetings in four days to engage participants in the work done so far, get feedback, gather ideas and further inform the next phases of the planning process.

18. For the Sake of the Salmon: Six meetings in three states (California, Oregon and Washington) working toward broad- based consensus on indicators for a regional ‘progress report card’ for salmon and watershed health.

19. City of Portland: Informal work session for the City Council, bureau managers and labor representatives to explore and assess current management practices, controls and accountabilities, and to prioritize efforts for improvement.

20.  Squamish (B.C., Canada) River Watershed Fisheries Sustainability Forum: A three day, multi-stakeholder, ecosystems based approach to fisheries sustainability conference to develop shared vision, identify barriers, develop strategies and identify indicators of progress.  This conference was organized by the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation.

21. APEC Cleaner Production Strategy in the Electronics Industry: Representatives from US based global high tech companies identified and prioritized important issues related to achieving cleaner production strategies throughout the Asia Pacific region.

22. Oregon Employer Council 1999 Annual Conference:  A generative dialogue on employer involvement in the implementation and ongoing improvement of the Workforce Investment Act and the workforce development system.

23. Oregon Community Colleges Association Strategy Forum: Community College Presidents, College Board members and key stakeholders assessed the value and method for cooperation and collaboration among Oregon community colleges so that colleges can meet their individual and collective needs.

24. Southeast Uplift’s 1999 Forum on Affordable Housing: A National Issues Forum approach to weighing several strategies and the related difficult choices pertaining to affordable housing in Portland’s SE urban neighborhoods.

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