Occupy Your Citizen Self. The quiet story. Ralph Benko. Democracy, Denied; Republic, Lost

Ralph Benko This is interesting for what it is, for who wrote it and because of where it was published.  This Occupy (your citizen-self) is becoming “the” story and I wonder which players in Big (Conservative, Wall Street) Media will likely “report” on it for the sake of profiting while being slammed.  One of the … Continue reading

Videos are challenging Big Media to shape the political / social narrative.

MoveOn.org saw fit to share this video made by DC Douglas, an actor and voice over guy. I’m doing the same.  DC Douglas seems to have made this video just for the fun of it.  Wow.  DC Douglas’ blog post about this CLICK HERE or read below. DC Douglas’ “Why #OccupyWallStreet? 4 Reasons.” Why #OccupyWallStreet? Hastily written … Continue reading


I’m posting Michelle Holliday’s recent blog and a link to her slide show here.  I love the way she connected the Living Room Conversation effort to the Occupy movement in her post.  Thanks Michelle.  To link to her blog CLICK HERE.  The full text of her blog is provided below the Humanity 4.0 slide show. … Continue reading

Coffee Party Movement 2.0 Project in step with the “Occupy” movement with colleague Debilyn Molineaux’s help as interim Executive Director.

I’m very pleased to see Debilyn continuing the good work we started last Spring helping the Coffee Party Movement evolve into a Game Changing movement/organization.  W. Click Here to Go to Coffee Party website/Newsletter. http://citizensintervention.com/ Birth of the Enough is Enough Rally Tue, 10/18/2011 – 9:44pm — Coffee Party Nation By Debilyn Molineaux, Executive Director … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street (Portland Style). A few of my photos.

I’ve been rafting in the Grand Canyon for the last 20 days so I was delighted to learn about the Occupy Wall Street action upon my recent return.  Next thing I know Portland is having its own “Occupy” connected event.  Here are a few photos from today’s Occupy Portland march.  I’m guessing about 15 to 20 thousand…. … Continue reading