Coffee Party / For The People Summit / Citizens United Anniversary / Transpartisan Cooperation. The Summit a success, a transpartisan movement still very much in the making.

Transpartisan cooperation was a major theme at the Summit.  Many people, other than the usual transpartisan advocates, talked about crossing the political divides and used the “transpartisan” term freely.  Here is everything you might like to know about what just happened.  Changing the Game was proud to be a part of this good work. Enjoy.  Walt


Thank you!

CLICK HERE to see Friday’s For the People Summit events as covered by CSPAN • The Nation‘s John Nichols reports on Friday’s events • Truthout‘s James Russell reports on the Summit • Great report on Friday events by Press TV • NYC’s “We the People/Free Speech”  LIVE STREAMED.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to many phenomenal people who made FOR THE PEOPLE Summit possible. We’d like to thank:

  • The Arca Foundation for their financial support.
  • Medea Benjamin and Code Pink for going above and beyond to support the “We the Corporations vs We the People” Rally.
  • The Rally performers and volunteers: Steffon Moody, Diane Wittner, Sally Rose, Will Rice, Susan Harman, Perry Goodfriend, Jay Marx, and many others. We’ll get all the names soon.
  • Ilyse Hogue, Robin Beck and MoveOn for getting the word out about the local events organized by various partnering organizations.
  • Our friends and colleagues for their invaluable guidance and input: Chuck Spinney, Monica Walsh, Debilyn Molineaux, Judith Freeman, Joan Blades, Joseph McCormick, John Steiner, Billy Wimsatt, Drew Courtney, Anna White, Marge Baker, Diallo Brooks, Brian Young and Joey Mornin.
  • C-SPAN crew for live-broadcasting our Friday events for nine hours.
  • Washington Plaza Hotel staff for the great hospitality.
  • Steffon Moody for creating the art-work that inspired the entire action: the two giant preambles.
  • Eric Hensal of Murray Hill, Inc. for inspiring the Corporate American Person movement.
  • Will Rice for writing the anthem song for the Corporate American Person movement and performing it with the lovely Sally Rose at the rally. Thank you, Sally Rose!
  • Filmmakers and their cast and crew for their outstanding videos: Eric Byler in DC; Richard Wooley and  Jeff Bond in NYC; Tim Avirett and Perry Goodfriend in Atlanta; and Robert Kuttner in Los Angeles.
  • Participants of lobby day for delivering our letters and message to our representatives in Congress: Udi Pladott, Lee Glass, Jan Chastain, Stephanie Swiger, Scott Meade, Michael Belli, John Burns, Bob Danson, David Kuebrich, Gregg Reynolds, Marc Greidinger, Alex Greidinger, Ann Kusnitz, Emi Kaneshiro, Carole Keith, Perry Goodfriend, Victoria Linden and Susan Harman. A special thanks to Eric Whinery, Nancy Price, Cosmo Harrigan and Paul Perrone for being part of the coordination team. Thanks to Brian Young from Sen. Kerry’s office for coming by to show support.
  • Brian Wang for organizing We the People Free Speech Party at the K St. Lounge.
  • Talented performing artists at the We the People Free Speech Party: Regie Cabico (MC), Songrise, 13 of Nazareth, Liz Prescott, Drew Law, Sampson, Sally Rose and her mom, and DJ 9-Volt (DJ).
  • Fellow steering committee members Lisa Graves of Center for Media and Democracy and Nancy Price of Move to Amend and Alliance for Democracy for their wisdom and spirit of team-work.
  • Backbone Campaign staff and super volunteers from the Coffee Party for being the caffeinated backbone of the Summit: Yve Susskind, Jacob Bain, Jared Middle Calf, Stephen Trudel, Nicholas Hedstrom, Shawn Figueroa, Cosmo Harrigan, Robert Rapplean, Bruce Schuman, Eric Whinery, Chris McMorrow, Sean Barnett, John Leonhard, Paul Perrone, Margie Roswell, Alyson Chadwick, Perry Goodfriend, Rebecca Baird, Billy Sears, Lynda Park, Melanie Wheatley, Laurie Dunivant-Larsen, Annie Parker, Kate Conners, Vince Lamb, Leah Spitzer, Steve Park, Matthew Bralow & Ivanka. A special thanks to Barb Bull and her 8th grade daughter, Miranda, for flying all the way from Portland, OR to volunteer for the Summit. We couldn’t have done it without you two!
  • Participants of the rally and 2-day Summit! A big thanks for coming out and being part of the first For the People Summit.
  • There are many more who worked on local events. Please help us gather information about those events. Send photos, videos or links about the DC or local events to

— Eric Byler, Bill Moyer & Annabel Park

Eric Byler, Jay Marx and Bill Moyer at the For the People Summit Sat. 1/22 in Washington D.C.
Photo by Cosmo Harrigan

Victoria Dorsey of United Workers Friday Jan. 21, 2011 at the For the People Summit.  Photo by Cosmo Harrigan.

Left to right (no pun intended) Walt Roberts, Dean Baker, Lisa Graves, Michael Ostrolenk, Tim Carney, and Arnold Kling at the Trans-partisan Dialogue panel discussion at the For the People Summit, Jan. 21, 2010.  Photo by Cosmo Harrigan.

Ralph NaderKristin CabralLuis Larin, and Ashley Hufnagel at the For the People Summit Jan. 22, 2011.  Photo by Cosmo Harrigan.

We’d love to hear about how events are going around the country.  Please email reports toSummit @, and photos to Photos @

LEFT: Phil Aroneanu of speakings about new media approaches to global collaboration on the issue of climate change.

Lawrence Lessig gives keynote address at the For the People Summit Fri. 1/21 at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington D.C.  Click here for VIDEO from CSPAN coverage.
Photo by Cosmo Harrigan

U.S. Supreme Court serves as backdrop for “We the Corporations vs. We the People Rally” Fri. 1/21 at the U.S. Capitol Building.  Photo by Jay Frost

Ralph Nader speech

Ralph Nader speaking at For the People Summit “Working Lunch” Sat. 1/22 in Washington D.C. photo by Cosmo Harrigan

VIDEO: see Nader finding common ground with Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas.

Rally Photos

Corporate-Person American pioneer Will Rice waits for the “We the Corporations vs. We the People” Rally to begin.  Photo by Howard Carlin.

Bill Moyer speaks at the “We the Corporations vs. We the People” Rally. Photo by Howard Carlin

Diane Wittner of Chesapeake CitizensGale MurphySteffon Moody address the crowd at the”We the Corporations vs. We the People” Rally.  In the foreground, Jay Marx questions the moral and Constitutional foundations of corporate rule.  Photo by Howard Carlin

The Backbone Campaign‘s “artful activism” at the “We the Corporations vs. We the People” Rally, Jan. 21, 2011.  Photo by Howard Carlin.

Live from K-Street Lounge

We’re gearing up for the Party for the People at K-Street Lounge. Here’s a shot of Sally Rose and Will Rice doing a sound check about twenty minutes ago (5:30 EST).

One Response to “Coffee Party / For The People Summit / Citizens United Anniversary / Transpartisan Cooperation. The Summit a success, a transpartisan movement still very much in the making.”
  1. Very interesting and detailed post, Walt! Love the pictures. How many people ended up attending the summit?

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