Annabel Park, founder of the Coffe Party Movement and now… MOVEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE. Changing the Game is helping with this bold experiment.

Walt Roberts here and happy to be involved in designing some of the processes for the For The People Summit coming up on January 20-22 2011. Changing the Game hopes this Summit will be a strong start of the new experiment in transpartisan coalition, community organizing and citizen empowerment entity “Movement for the People”.  Read more about it and take in Annabel Park’s short video and her bio below.



In partnership with the Backbone Campaign, Center for Media and Democracy, Changing the Game, Alliance for Democracy, Fix Congress First, and Move to Amend, the Coffee Party has now launched a co-branded website —

CLICK HERE to read our (1/3/11) PRESS RELEASE:

Anniversary of “Citizens United v. FEC” sparks national movement


Below are two opposing populist reactions to the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision.  Watch and decide, then participate in the For the People Summit, Jan. 20-22, 2011 in Washington D.C., and, Anytown U.S.A.




Annabel Park
Founder, Coffee Party USA 

Annabel was born in Seoul, South Korea, and immigrated to America when she was nine years old with her family. She grew up in Texas and Maryland. She studied philosophy at Boston University on a Melville Scholarship and political theory at Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar.

Annabel and Coffee Party co-founder Eric Byler directed the award-winning film 9500 Liberty, a documentary about the immigration culture war of Prince William County, Virginia, 2007-2008.  Due to the federal injunction halting Arizona’s S.B. 1070, 9500 Liberty chronicles the only two months in American history when local law enforcement was mandated to check immigration status based on a standard of suspicion.

During the past four years of strictly volunteer civic engagement, Annabel has coordinated the historic grassroots campaign for H.Res.121 (the “Comfort Women” resolution) in which the U.S. House of Representatives addressed the trafficking of girls into sexual slavery by the Japanese Army during WWII, produced the viral YouTube video “Si Se Puede Cambiar” in support of Barack Obama’s presidential primary bid, and coordinated the grassroots volunteer campaign Real Virginians for Webb in support of Jim Webb’s 2006 Senate campaign.

Annabel’s life experiences include working with inner city children, management consulting, writing and directing theater, and combining new media and active citizenship. She won The Cameron MacIntosh Award for her playwriting at Oxford University and was selected as a fellow for Film Independent’s Filmmaker Lab in 2005.


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