Jeffery Abelson’s “Song Of A Citizen” is helping reframe the role of the citizen in modern times. Check it out.

I’m excited about Jeffery Abelson’s project “Song Of A Citizen“.  Here is a teaser, some words from the site and a link to the site.  Go subscribe.  Walt

(Video and description from Song Of A Citizen web site.)

“Song Of A Citizen” was founded by Jeffrey Abelson — a writer, filmmaker, and citizen journalist — who most recently wrote, edited, and co-produced “Drawing Fire,” a PBS film about Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad (narrated by Tom Brokaw).<p>“Song Of A Citizen” Teaser from Jeffrey Abelson on Vimeo.</p>

“Song Of A Citizen” is a unique collaboration of prominent thinkers and artists creating unique web videos to try to reframe the role of the citizen in modern times.

Non-profit and non-partisan, our debut effort is an innovative series of Video Op-Eds for the internet featuring an array of nationally renowned political philosophers and self-governance experts — presented in a playful and engaging visual style — collectively making the case that all Americans need to take our jobs as citizens more seriously — much more seriously — as the only way we’ll ever fix broken government, and our dangerously dysfunctional democracy. 

In this and future projects, we hope to substantially expand the definition of civic engagement, and what it means to be an effective participant in this thing called self-governance.  And to take an honest look at how we-the-people are measuring up — how we can do better — and why we must.

In so doing, we hope to spark an ongoing conversation about how Americans of all political persuasions can inspire each other to radically upgrade the operating system of democracy.



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