Tom Atlee “I see an emerging trend: A rising spirit of citizens coming together outside of the partisan battle to find common sense solutions to local problems and national policies.”

I’m sharing this because Tom Atlee has been “showing up” as a great thinking partner, articulator and depicter of important trends and movements. Much of Tom’s recent contribution has been expressed and deliberated through the on-line conversation hosted by the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, NCDD.  I offer a quick and sincere appreciation to … Continue reading

John Avalon, No Labels founder, is facing quite a storm. Changing the Game sees some positive possibilities with No Labels.

So much buzz and noise about No Labels.  My Changing The Game colleague Debilyn Molineaux attended their launch event and reported on her experience (see the report here, just prior to this post).  I thought adding John Avalon’s perspective, one of the founders of No Labels, would be good to feature.  Here is the opening … Continue reading

Debilyn Molineaux’s Changing the Game report on the No Labels Conference.

No Labels Launch Event December 13, 2011 New York , New York Background No Labels Founding Leaders Nancy Jacobson, Democratic Strategic Advisor & Fundraiser and helped found Third Way Bill Galston, Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institute John Avlon, CNN Contributor & Senior Political Columnist, The Daily Beast, former speechwriter for Mayor Rudy Guiliani … Continue reading

Humanity 4.0 by Michelle Holliday, Cambium Consulting. The role of Conversation in change.

Michelle Holliday has done a fine job of describing where we are in our developmental process.  I’m especially glad to see her conclusion point to the role of “conversation” as the vehicle by which we move toward H 4.0 (or anywhere).  I’m working with a small action research team to create/integrate conversation design principles, practical conversation … Continue reading

Jeffery Abelson’s “Song Of A Citizen” is helping reframe the role of the citizen in modern times. Check it out.

I’m excited about Jeffery Abelson’s project “Song Of A Citizen“.  Here is a teaser, some words from the site and a link to the site.  Go subscribe.  Walt (Video and description from Song Of A Citizen web site.) “Song Of A Citizen” was founded by Jeffrey Abelson — a writer, filmmaker, and citizen journalist … Continue reading

A “Song Of A Citizen” interview with JOSEPH McCORMICK at the Coffee Party Convention Louisville, KY — 9.25.10 TRT — 9:20 by Jeffrey Abelson

Joseph McCormick at his best. This 10 minute video is very well edited / produced and Joseph describes the political game as well as anybody I’ve heard. Well worth a watch especially if you want to be a better more impactful citizen / player in the game and/or in changing the game. When Politicians Can’t … Continue reading