Flood of narratives that escalating disasters (not the threat of one) as the most likely Power, Politics and Participation Game Changer: Climate Change example.

I’m seeing a lot more of this….. that climate disasters, or financial disasters, or the (whatever) crisis/disaster will foment change for cooperative political action.   Similarly I’m struck (sort of) by how many “pending doom” (because of our prolonged political failure to coopertavily address issues) narratives are flying around.  Our failure to cooperate based on political divides is on a loudspeaker and the volume is getting cranked up.  “No Labels” (see previous post) a good example.  

Here is the closing excerpt and a link to Brendan Smith’s recent piece on The Huffington Post.  It points to a well proven ‘theory of change”; you can always count on a real and repeating disaster / crisis to shake up the status quo.  At Changing the Game we hope to work another theory of change that might work to avoid some of the pain and suffering that would come from crisis and/or expedite the transition wrought by deepening crisis.  We shall see which, or both, and perhaps soon.  Walt

Brendan Smith

Posted: November 22, 2010 05:26 PM

(Closing Excerpt)


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