Changing the Game of Power, Politics and participation has a friend in the field. No Labels.

Doesn’t surprise me that No Labels has sprung up.  It seems to be a very nice response and initiative that speaks to the growing frustration and risk of continued partisan paralysis on important issues that are way beyond overdue for some decent policies, programs and elegant solutions.  I did laugh out loud watching this CNN clip because unfortunately for this kind of movement to get good traction the breathless and hyperbolic media machine will have to make the movement as interestingly controversial as anything else that goes into that vortex.  I unplugged my TV a while ago so hearing this reporting tone was hard on my ears.  Don’t let me scare you off, it is short enough not to cause significant hearing loss or brain damage.  (LOL)  Walt 

From the No Labels website:



Put the Labels Aside. Do What’s Best for America.


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