Krugman’s view of how the power, politics and participation game is being played today: “There Will Be Blood”.

Krugman has a sobering critique of the way the republican party is currently playing the political/power game and a stark view of the implications.   The title is a little scary, perhaps a little gratuitous sizzle and fear…. Princeton professor, Nobel Laureate style.  Regardless, I find it hard to argue the substance of Krugman’s assertions.  Pragmatic solutions and the cooperation that is needed to “create a more perfect union” or economy or energy policy or govern or….. you name it…. is simply not happening in Washington DC.  One of the central questions I ask and organize my work around is “when times are relative good (only half broken) can we find reason and will to change the game or is it only the acute pain and suffering of a major crisis/meltdown that will nudge us to change the game?”  My answer is hopefully “yes” to the former but history shows that it is usually the latter.  The game will change one way or the other. I’m betting that for this cycle of change we the people have had enough of the “political power at any cost” game and that we can change the game without “spilling blood”.  Enjoy the excerpt below and link to the full Krugman Op Ed. 

Click Here for to read entire Op Ed

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times


There Will Be Blood


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