The Coffee Party has the opportunity to do some Transpartisan coalition building on issue of Money in Politics!!!

I have been impressed by Annabel Park’s rhetoric and leadership related to The Coffee Party and where it is going next.  I think TCP’s focus on Money in Politics is a perfect opportunity for transpartisan coalition building and the potential to help change that game.  Reaching out to conservative organizations as potential partners is not easy to do but the issue has the potential to help bridge divides and formulate unusual partnerships.  Challenging “monied” interests will not be easy and building a transpartisan coalition might be what is needed to be successful. If any of you know conservative organizations that are similarly distressed by the influence of money in our government please get them in touch with Annabel Park.  Here is the link and a copy of the entire post on The Coffee Party’s Facebook Page.

We will make money in politics election issue for 2012.

by Join the Coffee Party Movement on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 11:26am

We will make money in politics an election issue for 2012. We will find and support candidates and incumbents who can fight for this in Congress. We will create a PAC to raise money so that we can elect these candidates.


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