Who is The Tea Party??? Birth of a Movement….. WSJ Article and History of Tea Party. Transpartisan organizers take note!

As a core team member and strategist with Changing The Game (Power, Politics and Participation) I’m watching, thinking and learning about the nature and dynamics of “movements”.  The Tea Party is a real time study and instructive as we think about providing services and structures for empowering a movement defined by connecting two fields of “political bridge building for transpartisan coalitions”  and “cooperative solution design”.  This WSJ article is the best thing I’ve read about the who’s who and what’s what of the Tea Party to date.  I was especially interested in the observations about the effort to bring structure or direct the energy of the movement and the blurb below reflects a piece of that.  Enjoy.  Walt

For the full article please CLICK HERE.


Birth of a Movement  Tea Party Arose From Conservatives Steeped in Crisis



……..The weekly conference calls grew so large, phones sometimes crashed. Organizers put up a Wikipedia-like website providing protest techniques and advice. Traffic hit 50,000 and 100,000 visitors a day, according to a volunteer tracking the activity.


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