Pricele$$ Can’t wait to see this when this documentary comes out. Money in politics is about to feel the heat of the light as The Coffee Party and others build coalitions to change that game.

PRICELE$$ is a one-hour documentary journey from 4th of July revelry to America’s croplands; from hopeful windfarms to our nation’s capitol in search of some answers. Maybe even a solution. The colorful cast of characters will inform, move, and amuse you. You’ll be privy to personal accounts of lives upended and hear how postal rates … Continue reading

Yet another take on how the political game will change. David Brooks, National Greatness Agenda, Op Ed piece, 11/11/2010

David Brooks has a good read on a probable disaster and how politics will be re-shaped.  He calls on revived patriotism as a prime motivator for Americans that will align to insist on changing the power/politics/participation game.  I think patriotism will be only one of many motivators.  Here is a clip and a link to … Continue reading

Flood of narratives that escalating disasters (not the threat of one) as the most likely Power, Politics and Participation Game Changer: Climate Change example.

I’m seeing a lot more of this….. that climate disasters, or financial disasters, or the (whatever) crisis/disaster will foment change for cooperative political action.   Similarly I’m struck (sort of) by how many “pending doom” (because of our prolonged political failure to coopertavily address issues) narratives are flying around.  Our failure to cooperate based on political divides is … Continue reading

Changing the Game of Power, Politics and participation has a friend in the field. No Labels.

Doesn’t surprise me that No Labels has sprung up.  It seems to be a very nice response and initiative that speaks to the growing frustration and risk of continued partisan paralysis on important issues that are way beyond overdue for some decent policies, programs and elegant solutions.  I did laugh out loud watching this CNN clip because … Continue reading

Krugman’s view of how the power, politics and participation game is being played today: “There Will Be Blood”.

Krugman has a sobering critique of the way the republican party is currently playing the political/power game and a stark view of the implications.   The title is a little scary, perhaps a little gratuitous sizzle and fear…. Princeton professor, Nobel Laureate style.  Regardless, I find it hard to argue the substance of Krugman’s assertions.  Pragmatic solutions and the … Continue reading

Leif Utne’s very complimentary Blog about NCDD Portland / Cascadia Conference on Quality Public Engagement. Thanks Leif.

Leif Utne attended the conference and had some complimentary things to say about all aspects of the conference.  I especially liked his appreciation for all the participant interaction we built into the conference elements.  Here is the full text and a link to Leif’s blog site.  Enjoy.  Walt Click Here to go to Leif’s blog Reflections … Continue reading