Tom Krattenmaker’s USA Today Piece: “In God-fearing USA, where is the decency?” A-men!

I wonder if Changing the Game of gutter politics might find transpartisan traction in the realm of religious grounds.  I met Tom about a year ago and we talked about what it is to be “transpartisan”.  He struck me as having a natural transpartisan proclivity to being respectful and open to others that don’t share his beliefs or world view.  This article speaks directly to the unfortunate state of our political affairs aka “blood sport”.  I found this to be a fair and interesting look at where we are definately not practicing what we preach.  If you go read the whole article take a look at some of the readers’ commentary…. proves his point in fine fashion.  Enjoy.  W


In God-fearing USA, where is the decency?

If there’s anything about politics on which Americans might agree, it’s probably that our pitched battles over elections, policy and power are not summoning our better angels. Truth-telling? Be serious. Humility? Hah! Civility? Don’t be a fool.

If only the extreme unpleasantness were the extent of the fallout. Sadly, the vitriol and meanness are making it virtually impossible for those we elect to do their job and govern. When the two sides of the aisle seem mainly interested in scoring political points and landing rhetorical punches, it’s no wonder we have what pundit Thomas Friedman calls our national power failure — “the failure of our political system to unite, even in a crisis, to produce the policy responses America needs to thrive in the 21st century.”

A curious element of this is the religiosity that permeates American public life, to a degree unmatched in other Western countries. Shouldn’t a public square teeming with so many religious people and religiously derived principles display a little more decency?

We should expect something better from a political arena animated by so much faith — something more principled, good-hearted and dedicated to the common and higher ground that is so desperately needed. We should, at the very least, expect the religion in our politics to stay out of the mire in which the latter seems ever more stuck………


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One Response to “Tom Krattenmaker’s USA Today Piece: “In God-fearing USA, where is the decency?” A-men!”
  1. Gene Barrette says:

    The article is right on target. Quotes the right people . Jim Wallis and Thomas Freidman are two writers who set my soul on fire when I read them. They leave me like one of the disciples at Emmaus – with my ‘heart burning.” They repeatedly have me nodding my head and heart saying “yes, yes, yes, this is what it’s all about.” They help me discover what I most desire and need, not power, not pleasure, but what Viktor Frankl so rightly identified – meaning. And Krattenmaker, in also quoting Paul, by being specific in what to rid ourselves of, if we stand a chance in becoming what we once were, or in going “back to t he future,” or better yet – walking into a future built on the common good and transformative beyond our wildest imaginings.

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