Healthy Democracy Oregon’s Citizens’ Initiative Review: Changing the game with an important transpartisan experiment / innovation.

This is ground-breaking work for a healthier democratic process is happening right now.   Take a minute to check out this letter from Tyrone and visit to the Facebook Pages. Thanks. Walt

Dear Friends,

Voters across the state have received their ballots and face important decisions. Many of those decisions concern ballot measures that will impact Oregon’s future in important ways.  This year, there is a new tool called the Citizens’ Initiative Review in the Voters’ Pamphlet to help voters make well-informed decisions on Measures 73 and 74. Voters will use this information if they know about it. Here at Healthy Democracy Oregon, we need your help to get the word out about the Citizens’ Initiative Review.  

· Take a minute to look at the results (Measure 73 and Measure 74) and share them with friends and colleagues.  
· Join Healthy Democracy Oregon on Facebook and Twitter. 
· Sign up at Healthy Democracy Oregon’s website to volunteer to write a letter to your local paper, volunteer, or make a donation.   

The reviews are a first for Oregon democracy.  Two separate panels of 24 citizens met for a week in Salem to listen advocates and experts and identify the facts they felt voters need to know in casting their ballots on those Measures 73 and 74.  The results are in the Voters’ Pamphlet as the Citizens’ Statements.  Tell your family, co-workers, and friends about this important new tool today.

The Citizens’ Initiative Review has received praise from voters, the media, and pundits.  Citizens have overwhelmingly welcomed the new tool, and the Oregonian called the Citizens’ Initiative Review a “new force in Oregon Politics”. You have a chance to become a part of this movement to take the spin out of the ballot measure process and insert solid facts, approved and vetted by voters like you.

· Share the results in the Voters’ Pamphlet 
· Join us on Facebook and Twitter 
· Sign up to volunteer or donate!  

Oregon can once again pioneer the way in improving the political process.  Take a second to look at the CIR and share it with a friend. 

Thanks for all of your help and support!

Tyrone Reitman
Executive Director 
Healthy Democracy Oregon 

PO Box 42347
PortlandOR 97242
United States


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