The Global Summit: A bold experiment in generative discourse for collaborative action/solutions.

Changing The Game is proud to be part of The Global Summit II design team.  The summit is a bold and innovative initiative to effectively and collaboratively address global challenges and opportunities.  You might like to look at the comprehensive and integrated construct and consider participating in some way.  

Why is Changing The Game involved?

Changing The Game is interested in advancing the art, science and application of generative discourse and social transformation technologies esspecialy in the challenging arena of political divisiveness.

We work with a coalition of entities and experts to provide integrated design and orchestration services for strategic and cooperative solution processes, and collaborative change initiatives that must transcend political and other divides to be successful. 

These services are applicable to conferences, public engagement processes, community forums, education/awareness campaigns, alliances, coalitions and movements that must transcend traditional approaches to produce optimal results.

The Global Summit is attempting to bring together all the elements that are required for whole systems solutions.  This is an elusive goal to achieve and we think this will get us closer to an effective collaborative solutions and generative discourse process blueprint.  Check it out.  Walt


THE GLOBAL SUMMIT II: Humanity Uniting for a Sustainable Future

NOV. 8-10, 2010 – Fort Mason Center Herbst Pavilion – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – USA

Welcome Reception & Concert Sunday Nov. 7 – Green Carpet Entry 5:30pm at Vessel SF REGISTER NOW

Nightly Concerts & Culture Sun – Tues: World and out of this World Line Up!

DAILY PROGRAM Monday – Weds, 9AM – 5PM + Nightly Concerts w/ Tech Expo & Global Bazaar (Monday & Tues)

Youth Programs & Scholarships! – Sponsor – 5 Topics – 

6 Sectors – 7 Stages –Speakers – Invite

ENGAGE, HANDS-ON, WITH 50+ Inspirational Speaker / Leader/ Facilitators, including: NY Times Best Selling Author: John Perkins  Conscious Evolutionary: Barbara Marx Hubbard – CEO, Natural Logic: Gil Friend – Leadership Expert: Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo –– Director, WiserEarth: Peggy Duvette – President, Future 500: Bill Shireman – Founder, Stephan McGuire –  Film Maker for Change: Holly Mosher – Founder, Global Exchange: Dr. Kevin Danaher – Master of Supreme Influence: Niurka – organicARCHITECT: Eric Corey Freed – Fast Company Sustainability Blogger: Lewis Perkins – Literary Lion / Agent: Peter Miller +++++

The Global Summit is like no other forum on Earth.

You will have the opportunity to co-create real-world solutions WITH global leaders in the areas that matter most to you.

And the real impact begins when people go home.

Mission/ Overview

The Global Summit™ (TGS) is much more than an event. It is the catalyst for year-round collaboration of citizens, businesses and organizations working together to co-create a sustainable future.

Applying advances in communications to empower new voices to be heard, The Global Summit unites the most powerful and grass-roots change makers to co-create hands-on solutions, catalyze local action, share what works best and disseminate the most effective sustainable technologies on earth.

The Global Summit is a 100% for-impact initiative with all proceeds supporting locally-led, sustainable development programs and education.

It was launched Nov. 16-18, 2008 in San Francisco as a 3 day planning symposium produced byEmpowerment WORKS and a growing global network of Partners in Empowerment (PIE).

Promoting best practices in locally-led sustainable development, The Global Summit serves to unify and train global Partners in Empowerment (PIE) in the 7 Stages to Sustainability educational framework.

Forming a synergistic philanthropic partnership, The Global Summit “Synergy Fund” further rewards global participation in ‘7 Stages to Sustainability’. Registrants of The Global Summit and online students of ‘7 Stages to Sustainability’ trainings will be eligible for Synergy Grants. By advancing a common language for collaboration, the Synergy Fund reduces duplication and increases collective impact. To build critical mass, all donors are invited to align with Synergy Fund criteria. Contact us to get involved.

Program Elements and Impact

The Global Summit’s strategically diverse program engages a wide range of stakeholders promoting transfer of knowledge, technology and synergistic collaboration.

Through the conference and year-round follow up, The Global Summit delivers a whole-system approach impacting collaboration, education, and innovation– the primary vehicles of social and environmental change.


“Global Citizen Solution Councils” – voluntary commitment forums empowering individuals to co-create solutions to the issues that affect them most. Impact: Provide new model for global cooperation & policy making: Citizen input-driven format applies advances in conflict mediation and information technology for transparent, equitable and measurable results.


“7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) WORKShops” & “SEED Change Forum” deliver capacity building education empowering all sectors of society to address humanity’s most critical issues. Impact:Earth Charter (environment) & Millennium Development Goals (half poverty by 2015).


“Sustainable Technology Expo” promotes transfer of green and grass-roots-friendly technologies, via efficiency-based awards, investment forums, and education, advancing the Kyoto Protocol/Copenhagen targets. Catalyzes immediate climate change solutions and sustainable economic development.


Beyond its series of events, The Global Summit™ impact is assured by Empowerment Works’ participatory network of Partners In Empowerment (PIE) and shared resource platform called 1PIE. Hosted on TGS & partner sites, 1PIE will serve as the follow up plan, reinforcing commitments made at TGS and facilitating participant collaboration in locally-led social, economic and environmental programs across the globe, 365 days a year.

Vision 2020 & Beyond

FRONT LINE PARTICIPATION: TGS is devoted to granting maximum access to global citizens in communities most affected by the issues addressed. Please contact us to support scholarship programs ensuring grass-roots voices are heard.

BIO-REGIONAL BIENNIAL: Held bi-annually in San Francisco, TGS is dedicated to co-developing bio-regional Summits hosted locally in the world’s seven regions: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America & N. America.

VIRTUALLY NO FOOTRINT: TGS is building a highly interactive online collaboration system to enable an almost entirely virtual participation with telepresencing centers, online/web, & telephone/ text voting.

**When you participate in The Global Summit™, you take the first step in creating a more sustainable world. To learn more about finding your place in this remarkable sustainability cooperative, contact us today.

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