Tom Krattenmaker’s USA Today Piece: “In God-fearing USA, where is the decency?” A-men!

I wonder if Changing the Game of gutter politics might find transpartisan traction in the realm of religious grounds.  I met Tom about a year ago and we talked about what it is to be “transpartisan”.  He struck me as having a natural transpartisan proclivity to being respectful and open to others that don’t share his beliefs … Continue reading

Healthy Democracy Oregon’s Citizens’ Initiative Review: Changing the game with an important transpartisan experiment / innovation. This is ground-breaking work for a healthier democratic process is happening right now.   Take a minute to check out this letter from Tyrone and visit to the Facebook Pages. Thanks. Walt Dear Friends, Voters across the state have received their ballots and face important decisions. Many of those decisions concern ballot measures that … Continue reading

The Global Summit: A bold experiment in generative discourse for collaborative action/solutions. Changing The Game is proud to be part of The Global Summit II design team.  The summit is a bold and innovative initiative to effectively and collaboratively address global challenges and opportunities.  You might like to look at the comprehensive and integrated construct and consider participating in some way.   Why is Changing The … Continue reading

Fomenting vocal skepticism and disbelief… “Climate Change Doubt Is Tea Party Article of Faith” by John M. Broder

This article (Click Here) points out what seems to be accurate; that money, influencers and media celebrities will get out in front of a popular wave, the Tea party in this case, and use it to promote their perspective and interests.  I’m curious about two things: 1. What/who is the Tea Party…  the self organizing impulse and/or … Continue reading

Changing the Game on the media stage. Polemics, profit and pundits.

Here is an example that draws a stark contrast between media icons and their respective formulas for commercial discourse.  Working on a more transpartisan culture will require new ways to attract viewers that are more attractive/seductive than polemic pundrity.  Jon Stewart appearing on the O’Rielly Factor.  Enjoy.