Transpartisan bridge building effort: Coffee Party + Tea Party Conversation.

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The Coffee Party movement has informed us of this upcoming series and we would like you to consider joining if you are called to do so. We understand that the Coffee Party movement may not resonate with your beliefs and values. As the Transpartisan Alliance we welcome and support opportunities coming from across the political spectrum that are aimed to bridge the divide as we seek to find solutions to the challenges we are facing as a nation today.


Franca Baroni 
TA Team 


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Dear Fellow Americans:

I hope you will consider joining me and members of the Coffee Party Movement for a conversation on Corporate Personhood and Money in Politics that I will be hosting over the next several days.

I realize that you may not be familiar with the Coffee Party, or that you may have heard that it is essentially an “anti-Tea Party” liberal advocacy group and therefore not the sort of organization you would expect to convene a fair and balanced conversation on political issues. Let me assure you, however, that while the movement may indeed have arisen as a reaction to the Tea Party (as it has been portrayed by the national media), our goals, like those of the Transpartisan Alliance, are to seek common ground among Americans of all political persuasions.

As the host of this series of “Cafe Calls”, I will do everything I can to insure that our conversation is framed as an open and frank exploration of the opinions of all participants, with an emphasis first on seeking to understand and respect everyone’s perspectives. With that understanding as a foundation, we will then look collaboratively for common language and common ground around issues and actions that might help to fix our “broken” government. Every participant’s contribution will be solicited and recognized.

The World Cafe conversational process we will be using involves three successive small breakout discussions (usually with four people per group) followed by a full group conversation in which themes, patterns and insights are “harvested.” I will be moderating the harvest directly, and will be able to use the features of the Maestro Conference platform to maintain an orderly and productive call during that phase. The small breakout groups are self-moderated, although there is a way to signal to me and my assistants on the call if there are any problems that need to be addressed. In addition, the questions you will be discussing will be framed in ways that ask you to explore and share your personal experiences, to look for common ground if it can be found, and to note and respect disagreements where they exist.

To register for our call, please click here:

For further information, click here:

With appreciation and respect for the great work of the Transpartisan Alliance,

~ Ben Roberts 
“Cafe Host” for the Coffee Party Movement

With assistance from Bruce Schuman 
SharedPurpose.Net & LightPages.Net


“Building Political Cooperation One Conversation at a Time”

One of the goals of these conversations is to explore the possibility that we have allowed the standard polarizing rhetoric of popular political discourse to mask a broad array of underlying agreement that exists between us. As the Transpartisan Alliance well knows, if we are not willing to engage with one another in forums such as this one, we may never find out if this is indeed the case. We hope you will join us in this experiment in civic engagement, and trust that it is just one of many opportunities we will have going forward to look for ways to work together for the benefit of our country’s future.

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