Empathy. Jeremy Rifkin. Great video.

This is an amazingly good overview of Rifkin’s tome on Empathy.  It also validates and embellishes the work of Humberto Maturana, The Biology of Love. https://waltsearch.wordpress.com/about-walt-blog/core-ideas/ Posted via email from Leading Transformational Change Advertisements

The Abundant Community: Peter Block and John McKnight. http://www.bkconnection.com/ProdDetails.asp?ID=9781605095844

I was impressed and impacted by Block’s book “Community: The Structure of Belonging” and I’m looking forward reading his latest.  Walt http://www.bkconnection.com/ProdDetails.asp?ID=9781605095844 Copublished with the American Planning Association Reveals the invisible but immense impact that consumerism has had on the fabric of our families and communities Recommends how we can create richer, more fulfilling lives … Continue reading

Transpartisan bridge building effort: Coffee Party + Tea Party Conversation. http://sharedpurpose.net/maestro/call.cfm

http://sharedpurpose.net/maestro/call.cfm Problems reading this message? View it on the web: http://lightpages.net/intergroup.cfm?view=4950588ab29c80ecd7f0469203e4f1a1 The Coffee Party movement has informed us of this upcoming series and we would like you to consider joining if you are called to do so. We understand that the Coffee Party movement may not resonate with your beliefs and values. As the Transpartisan Alliance … Continue reading

Personal Transformation (or not?): A look at character and soul as the primary ground of our being.

If you don’t know about Sun Magazine, you should.  Self described as Personal, Political, Provocative, Ad-free.  Here is the opening and link to the full interview from 10 years ago. Enjoy. Walt Click Here for Full Article:       by GENIE ZEIGER   Click Here for Full Article: Opening Excerpt:   I first became acquainted with … Continue reading

Exploring Resilience: Item #1, Six Habits of Highly Resilient Organizations by Peter+Trudy Johnson-Lenz

Transformation Systems International has been sharing the notion of personal and group resiliency (through the teachings and writings of the late Al Siebert http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Siebert) as an important capacity related to leading transformational change initiatives.  About a year ago I was exposed to a very creative concept called the Resilient Cities Initiative that ties together social, environmental, … Continue reading