Good analysis of political party ideology purism. Inmates Seize The Asylum.

Full Article Here:

Inmates Seize The Asylum


Full Article Here:

Commentators have for years lamented the growing polarization of American politics. Both parties have increasingly turned away from compromise and unreliable centrists and towards “base” elements that personify ideological purism. The ideological purging of heretics began in earnest in 2006 when Democratic activists targeted Sen. Joe Lieberman in the primary as retaliation for his dissent from orthodoxy with regard to the Iraq war. And it now appears that process may have reached a tipping point in both parties as activists in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Kentucky have hounded two incumbents from their seats, defeated a candidate supported by nearly all of his party’s elites, and forced another incumbent into a runoff that will severely weaken her prospects in the general election.

As Orson Scott Card observed in his prescient novel Empire, the earliest stage in a civil war is not the war between the two sides, but rather the war between those radicals on both sides that want to have the war and those caught in the middle that would prefer a lesser level of confrontation. Only by extremists on both sides cooperating to increase polarization and force everyone else to choose up sides can they set the condition for the political warfare they want. And their method is demonization — only by convincing relatively moderate sympathizers that the other side is not only wrong, but actually evil can they force the us-or-them mentality……….

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