1 of 3: New Study: Liberals More Open Than Conservatives Online, reported by Ari Melber, (The Nation)

If you are watching how the blogosphere and social networking universe is unfolding and wondering how all that is changing our world then you will find this FACINATING!  This The Nation article by Ari Melber link will be followed by an interview article with the researcher and then a link to the actual study (pdf download button / link)  Enjoy this and the next two posts. Walt

Link to full article:http://www.thenation.com/article/new-study-liberals-more-open-conservatives-online


…….Many liberal blogs, it turns out, were created with platforms to host multiple authors and share attention with guest contributors. Conservative blogs, in contrast, often use technologies highlighting a single author–while consigning guests to the digital equivalent of a newspaper’s classified section. Those are some key findings of a forthcoming study by researchers from Harvard, Yale and Berkeley, “A Tale of Two Blogospheres,” which disputes several conventional views of political blogs (view a chart summarizing the comparisons).

The dominant academic literature posits an ideologically symmetrical blogosphere–an arena where liberals and conservatives practice similar writing, linking and mobilization tactics. The political and media establishment, meanwhile, tend to treat blogs as an isolated medium for political polarization. In this narrative, blogs are a digital refuge for the radical pacifists and tea party insurgents stuck at the margins of their own parties.

The first premise is wrong, according to the study’s findings, and the second misses the mark, which suggests consequences for politicos across the spectrum…….

Link to full article:http://www.thenation.com/article/new-study-liberals-more-open-conservatives-online


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