“Respect everyone’s opinion.” Indulging in “upset”. Time to get a transpartisan grip.

I haven’t posted a blog in some time.  I have been paying attention to to things related to our shifting political landscape.   More than ever I am studying how influence, power and control is being exerted through our modern media conglomerates.  More and more our news and pundit spinmeisters are fomenting “upset”.  The following editorial sums up what is at the heart of these “indulging in upset” divisive times in a few quick paragraphs.   Enjoy.  Walt


“What I regret are the insults, malicious innuendo and misinformation that some readers seem to think they are entitled to spew. Emotions are running high but I do not want to excuse bad behavior with the pretext that one is “upset”. After all, do we not teach our children that they need to learn to control their behavior? As adults, we should follow the same lead if we are serious about having a next generation of decent, respectful, courageous, educated and civilized Americans…….”

Maria Morbey

State Representative Fairfield and Westport

via Respect everyone’s opinion – Fairfield – Minuteman News Center.

One Response to ““Respect everyone’s opinion.” Indulging in “upset”. Time to get a transpartisan grip.”
  1. Rachel H says:

    I suspect that there would not be near as many people upset and lashing out if any of “our” elected officials were actually listening to what people say to them.

    Opposition to TARP was widespread, I heard today that MOST of us opposed it. Did they listen? No.

    Did they listen to any of the *people’s* opposition to the so-called “health care reform”? No. The only people they listened to were the ones that they had to get votes from.

    The results? No one likes it. Conservatives think it goes too far, liberals think it didn’t go far enough. No one feels heard.

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