Values, guiding principals and manifestos: That which provides common ground or ground for partisan divide and conquer?

Values, guiding principals and that wich provides common ground…..  In the partisan political game we are often talking right past each other… on purpose.  We mobilize our base/tribe by being against something or someone or some group.  We demonize and vilify for the sake of consolidating support in the quest for power in a win loose game.  So, here comes a group who is attempting to define the (conservative) values that could potentially organize and align an array of groups.   Potentially these are ideas one can stand “for”.   But the reporting suggests this as a way to mobilize against the current administration.   At the Transpartisan Alliance we are thinking and talking with concerned citizens on the right and the left about and a set of values and principles that most Americans can hold as foundational…. regardless of party or political orientation.  Here is an excerpt and link from a Canadian newspaper followed by an excerpt / link from a right leaning blog looking at “Mount Vernon Statement,’ a political manifesto aimed at rejuvenating the U.S. right around principles of “constitutional conservatism.” Enjoy.  Walt

By Sheldon Alberts, Washington Correspondent, Canwest News ServiceFebruary 17, 2010

Excerpt  (Click here for full article)

WASHINGTON — Ever since taking a drubbing from Democrats in the 2008 elections, U.S. conservatives have struggled to unite around anything except their profound opposition to President Barack Obama.

Well, that and their apparent affinity for grassroots organizations with names lifted out of 18th century American history.

Sharp on the heels of the Tea Party movement’s success in galvanizing anti-Obama sentiment, a group of prominent conservatives on Wednesday unveiled the ‘Mount Vernon Statement,’ a political manifesto aimed at rejuvenating the U.S. right around principles of “constitutional conservatism.”

The 80-member group, led by former Reagan administration attorney general Edwin Meese, hopes the effort will help Republicans appeal to a restive U.S. electorate in this November’s midterm elections.

“We recommit ourselves to the ideas of the American Founding,” says the 527-word document, signed during a ceremony near historic Mount Vernon, George Washington’s farm outside the nation’s capital.

Modelled after another seminal document of modern conservatism — William F. Buckley’s 1960 Sharon Statement — the Mount Vernon declaration contends the GOP can only capitalize on U.S. voter discontent if it embraces “an enduring framework of limited government based on the rule of law.”

Conservatives must commit to “retaking and resolutely defending” principles in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which “asserts self-evident truths based on the laws of nature and nature’s God,” it says.

The group argues the Founding Fathers’ core values of national independence, economic opportunity, religious liberty and Republican self-government “is presently under sustained attack” by Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress. Any meaningful conservative policy platform must include a “firm defence of family, neighbourhood, community and faith.”

The Mount Vernon conservatives include several of the highest-profile conservative activists in the country, including anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Feulner and Christian activist Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. No elected Republicans are part of the group.

“This is a significant moment as social, fiscal and national security conservatives come together,” said Perkins. “The three-legged conservative coalition must remain unified behind these core beliefs to prepare for the challenges ahead and successfully confront a hostile Congress and administration.”……..

The Mount Vernon Statement: And so it begin (

By Donald Borsch Jr.


…..80 heavy-hitting Conservative leaders and voices met together in Alexandria, VA, on Wednesday, 17 February 2010, to sign a new Conservative Manifesto named “The Mount Vernon Statement”. According to their own website, this statement is, “a declaration of leadership for a new generation of conservatives that defines the principles, values and beliefs of the conservative movement.”

Needless to say, this event has lit up the blogosphere on both sides of the fence, and Internet news outlets. The usual suspects in Conservative-bashing chimed in yesterday, seeking to turn this meeting into just another liberal talking point. (Someone call Keith Olbermann and put some copy in front of him!) Even well-known Conservative pundits have expressed some skepticism. CPAC has also begun, and this statement will feed directly into the spirit of change and new beginnings we so desperately need right now as a Nation…….

2 Responses to “Values, guiding principals and manifestos: That which provides common ground or ground for partisan divide and conquer?”
  1. Mr. Roberts,

    Thank you so much for considering my article worthy of being linked to your site! I appreciate it!

    Long Live the Republic.

  2. Hey Walt, how you doing?

    What do you say — to creating common ground on simple ethical principles like the transpartisan pledge or those guiding principles on the folding-card agreement? Is there something wrong with that approach?

    (the reason I ask is — the way it looks to me, there is something inherent in language that will always create divisons — and I personally think we need to establish common ground on very basic human qualities, rather than political principles — which, I think, will always be divisive, no matter how phrased…. ???)

    – Bruce

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