NPR Profile on a Tea Party “star”: Another data point on what the Tea Party is and is not.

One Tea Party person, a nice window into the unfolding Tea Party story.  Walt

Tea Party Star Leads Movement On Her Own Terms

Transcript of the Morning Edition Feature

Opening excerpt

The National Tea Party convention is on Thursday — though it’s probably more accurate to call it a Tea Party convention, not the Tea Party convention.

But despite the convention, questions remain for the fledgling movement: Where is it heading? And can the Tea Party become a unified organization?

Liberty Belle: Rising Tea Party Star

Keli Carender, blogger, teacher and star of the movement, organized some of the earliest Tea Party-style protests — before they were even called Tea Party protests. As far back as February of 2009, Carender held a rally against the economic stimulus package in downtown Seattle……..

Keli Carender attends a tea party protest in February 2009.

Courtesy of Keli CarenderKeli Carender attends a Tea Party protest in February 2009.

Transcript of the Morning Edition Feature


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