State of the Union Address and “The pundicratic response”: Top dogs bark on the need to work accross political divides.

The need for a (transpartisan) shift in the political paralysis was in the spotlight last week.  If you missed The State of the Union Address here is the YouTube link and a nice compilation of “the pundicractic response” from the Star Tribune.  Walt

The pundicratic response to State of the Union address

Full Article

Excerpt (2 of many pundit points of view)


HE WAS FORCEFUL. He was compassionate. He was poised. And he was right.

The president noted that he had inherited massive problems. He urged Congress to have a jobs bill on his desk “without delay.” This is much needed. The president pledged to put an end to this nation’s ridiculous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of banning openly gay or lesbian service personnel from the military. He admitted the current health care reform bill is not popular, but said it is the right thing to do. He urged the parties to work together. About time.

A presidency can’t be judged in a year’s time. But this speech should help Obama stay on course.


OBAMA HAD ONCE HOPED to be a conciliatory president who heard his critics and his philosophical adversaries. He is still that man. But it was clear that the Obama who addressed the nation on Wednesday understood that he confronts a Republican Party that sees unflinching opposition as blazing a path to victory. We heard a president ready to do battle, and determined to win.


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