Schwarzenegger sounds Transpartisan to me. Wish there were more speaking with honesty like this. 2 1/2 min video, watch it.

Schwarzenegger Calls Out GOP On Stimulus Hypocrisy, Praises Recovery Act For Creating Jobs In California Ben Armbruster Feb 21, 2010 8:45 AMToday on ABC’s This Week, host Terry Moran noted the Republican Party’s staunch opposition to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that Congress passed last year and added that “it was summed up by … Continue reading

Limbaugh, Beck, Ron Paul followers, the Tea Party, and Republican Politics in Florida. My Florida Vacation!

“What is happening to the structure of Sarasota’s Republican Party is going on throughout Florida and around the nation. That has sometimes caused panic at county Republican Executive Committee meetings. In some counties, party chairmen refused to accept new members to prevent Ron Paul backers from taking over the party leadership. That has sometimes caused panic at county Republican Executive Committee meetings. In some counties, party chairmen refused to accept new members to prevent Ron Paul backers from taking over the party leadership.
In Sarasota, former chairman Eric Robinson put a stop to the regular monthly meetings in hopes of preventing the new Paul members from overrunning the party. But it was state GOP chair Jim Greer who took the most extreme step, banishing some Paul activists from the party because of their aggressive attempts to move into leadership positions.”

The Mount Vernon Statement: Resonate with We the People? We the Teaparty People? Read the Statement and judge for yourself. Close to 24,000 “signers” as of 2/19.

Here is a n excerpt and link to a piece from Time Magazine that looks at how the Mt Vernon Statement fits and relates to the Tea Party Movement. How the country and “we the people” reorient and reorganize in the short term could be a political transformation “history in the making”. Following the excerpt is the Mount Vernon Statement in its entirety as it appears on the new website of the same name. . Does this speak to you? Is this the basis for a renewed effort to build a more perfect unuion? You be the judge. There are close to 24,000 “signers” to the “Statement” as of 2/19/2009. Very interesting. Walt
“If you go out to these gatherings, you find a lot of [people] were never involved at all until they got scared by the direction of the country. Our obligation is not necessarily to lead them but to provide them a sense of what a logical conservative position will be,” says David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union, which is hosting the CPAC conference. “It’s vital that when people come into a movement, they’re attracted to the core beliefs.”

Values, guiding principals and manifestos: That which provides common ground or ground for partisan divide and conquer?

Values, guiding principals and that wich provides common ground…..  In the partisan political game we are often talking right past each other… on purpose.  We mobilize our base/tribe by being against something or someone or some group.  We demonize and vilify for the sake of consolidating support in the quest for power in a win … Continue reading

Front Page News, New York Times, Polarized Politics bringing US to the Brink. Transpartisan Shift Needed Now.

Our broken partisan political game is in the news daily now. The consequences of not cooperating is escalating. The need for a transpartisan shift toward civility, cooperation and creative solutions isself evident. What will it take for the two major parties to find common motivation to find common ground? Walt

After decades of warnings that budgetary profligacy, escalating health care costs and an aging population would lead to a day of fiscal reckoning, economists and the nation’s foreign creditors say that moment is approaching faster than expected, hastened by a deep recession that cost trillions of dollars in lost tax revenues and higher spending for safety-net programs.

Yet rarely has the political system seemed more polarized and less able to solve big problems that involve trust, tough choices and little short-term gain. The main urgency for both parties seems to be about pinning blame on the other, before November’s elections, for deficits now averaging $1 trillion a year, the largest since World War II relative to the size of the economy.

This is a sobering depiction of our economy as viewed by the unemploymnet rate change over time. Ouch.

One important thing about how we act and contribute to our world is how we connect and relate to what is happening, in this case, to our livelihoods and financial well-being as a country.  This changing graphic on unemployment rates got me much more connected to what is happening.  A darkening picture.  Walt Click here … Continue reading