Civic initiatives, making democracy work, Kettering Foundation, Example: The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.

One of the 3 Kettering hypotheses for making democracy work is for “Citizens who can align the work of the institutions created to serve them with work done through civic initiatives”.  Here is a perfect example of such a civic initiative and institutions alignment/partnership that Cogan Owens Cogan (and a very small part me and the keypad polling at one meeting) helped make happen.  Oregon has a lot of this civic initiatives guiding institutions stuff going on.  I’m a little spoiled.  Walt

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition was formed in January 2007, following a gathering of representatives of local organizations working on different aspects of sustainability.  These included businesses, non-profit organizations, faith communities, educational institutions, and government entities.  Those who were present agreed that the formation of a coalition would support increased communication and collaboration among local groups, thereby accelerating the creation of a sustainable community.

The Coalition was initially launched by the Corvallis chapter of the Oregon Natural Step Network.  The Portland office of the Natural Step Network serves as the Coalition’s fiscal agent.

Participation in the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is open to local organizations and local residents who support its vision, mission, goals, and guiding objectives.  There is no fee for participation.

The work of the Coalition builds on the efforts and accomplishments of the City of Corvallis and other community groups.  See “Background” for a brief history of sustainability in Corvallis.

Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC is nationally and internationally recognized for our leadership in current and long-range planning, public engagement, project management and sustainability. Our multi-disciplinary firm of planners, public process experts and other professionals provide high-quality products and service to our valued public, private and nonprofit clients.


Corvallis Sustainability Coalition outlines plans for 2010

Plan includes goal that 60 percent of food consumed in Corvallis be locally grown by 2020

Yadira Gutierrez

Issue date: 1/20/10 Section: News
……..As recent as August 2009, the coalition has become an independent organization, separating from the Oregon Natural Step Network, which served as the fiscal agent of the coalition.

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition decided it would be more beneficial to raise funds and to collaborate with its partners if it was separate.

“We decided to separate ourselves from Natural Step because we thought it would be easier to apply for grants and solicit donations,” said Annette Mills, coalition facilitator. “The goal is to increase communication and collaboration in community organizations and individuals interested in a sustainable community.”

Last year, the organization created action teams for 11 different topic areas, whose goals will continue into 2010.

Teams were launched for Economic Vitality, Education, Energy, Food, Health and Human Services, Housing, Land Use, Natural Areas, Transportation, Waste Prevention and Water. ……..


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