Morals, economics and impact on Politics. A look behind Tell-All “Game Changer” phenomenon.

My previous post explored macro socio-political-ecomomic moral issues.  The micro economics of lucrative alure and socio-political cheapness that comes with the “tell-all” territory.  Walt

Political Loyalty (or Lack of It) in the Tell-All Era (Click here to view Article)

Published: January 16, 2010

……..A compendium of secrets spilled by intimates ducking behind a veil of anonymity, “Game Change,” by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, is also a bracing testament to the potential foolishness of trust and the rareness of discretion. Together with previous reporting on a particularly heated presidential contest, it sows strong doubts about whether, when and how politicians today can hope to command fidelity.

“As a guy who is three-quarters Sicilian, I can say that the code of political omerta is now dead,” said Chris Lehane, a former adviser to Bill Clinton and Al Gore. “There are just different standards out there, and I don’t think it’s limited to politics.”

Mr. Lehane’s assessment was echoed by other political advisers, current and former. They said that a range of factors — a general coarsening of American culture, a lust for attention, the movement of hired guns from one campaign to another and a news media intent on juicy revelations — have conspired to loosen the lips of politicians’ confidants and to spread the whispers fast and far.

The resulting chatter can be more sudsy than substantive, and has at times reduced the 2008 election — one of urgent issues, historic precedents and profound consequence — into a mean-spirited (and possibly sexist) farce with libidinous husbands, hysterical wives, pricey haircuts, pricier wardrobes and a torrent of tears. In these renditions, the principal players make a typical “Survivor” cast look like paragons of dignity and altruism. ………….


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