The Populist Addiction: David Brooks on creating divides rather than bridging divides.

My coalition building, transpartisan friend Michael Ostrolenk pointed out to me that my finger wagging at Wall Street Elites was not transpartisan, that is to say I was making a divide rather than bridging a divide. Michaelwas right and I was interested to see that David Brooks has something to say on this subject. Walt
“Ever since I started covering politics, the Democratic ruling class has been driven by one fantasy: that voters will get so furious at people with M.B.A.’s that they will hand power to people with Ph.D.’s. The Republican ruling class has been driven by the fantasy that voters will get so furious at people with Ph.D.’s that they will hand power to people with M.B.A.’s. Members of the ruling class love populism because they think it will help their section of the elite gain power.” David Brooks


Obama meets with Republicans. AP account and YouTube If you missed it. Talking Transpartisan Shift.

The spotlight was on the need for a transpartisan shift in DC and Baltimore last week. The topics of partisan stonewalling, bi-partisan possibilities and getting something done in DC were brought up by Obama at the State of the Union Address and at an appearance at the Republicans annual retreat. He and some republicans spoke to the need to govern, lead and directly to the need to get beyond the pathalogical partisan politics paralisis . If you missed it here is and excerpt and link the AP account of the televised encounter of Obama’s vist to the Republican annual retreat and one of many clips you can find on You Tube. Walt

AP Report: “Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, part of the GOP leadership in the House, said before the session that his party needed to show voters that “we’re ready to govern again” in advance of congressional elections this fall.

The president began by urging bipartisanship and cooperation in a manner similar to his State of the Union address earlier this week. “I don’t believe the American people want us to focus on our job security. They want us to focus on their job security,” Obama said to a loud ovation.”

Implications of the Supreem Court Decision: Steve Olweean reflects on Power, Politics and Citizen Empowerment.

Not to be over dramatic, but I find myself asking if one person-one vote can be preserved under this scenario, and what it’d mean in terms of how this is then a democracy of the people, by the people, for the people, and different than an aristocracy that can consolidate economic and power resources of a country.

When the media that informs us of the facts, issues, and choices to be aware of is also controlled by corporations we need to compete with for securing and benefiting our needs and rights, and when access to purchasing the ability to offer alternative information and views to the public goes to the highest bidder – perhaps their own reflection – how can citizens as a whole remain a viable part of the whole process?

Meshworking: An emerging term/idea. Networking doesn’t quite say it all. Transpartisan Organizing?

I came across the term “Meshworks” about a year ago and now have joined a group that knows something about the idea.  Robin Wood hosts the R2 site  “R2 integrates the power of innovators in business, design, governance and technology to catalyze a renewable worldcentric culture & economy”.  Robin posted an expert from an associate … Continue reading

Innovation from our Government. Beth Simone Noveck. Wiki Government. More people responsible for policy decisions.

In her book Wiki Government, Noveck argues that the digital age requires us to fundamentally rethink democracy because the internet allows for a much more collaborative legislative process and can potentially make more people responsible for making policy decisions. “The private sector has learned that better decision making requires looking beyond institutionalized centers of expertise,” she wrote in the book. “Now it’s time for government to do the same.

Transpartisan Movement and pro-democracy reform in the news. Katrina vanden Heuvel is on it.

Leadership on pro-democracy reforms are also desperately needed to end the corruption of our politics and to stanch the corporate money flooding and deforming of our democracy. Connect the dots for people: explain how needed reforms are gutted when both parties succumb to the pervasive corruption of our money politics. If the GOP’s obstructionism has a silver lining, it is in exposing how an anti-democratic, super-majority filibuster has essentially made our system dysfunctional. There is fertile ground on which to rally people in a transpartisan political reform movement.