Wisdom for All. You Cannot Miss the Path of the Reawakened Master. Happy New Year. Walt

The Morning Blessing


You Cannot Miss the Path of the Reawakened Master.
The path of the forgotten master is well-worn because it has been walked upon many times. It is an inviting and appealing path, one that seems to say, “Enter me and you will discover you”. What could be better? But it also says, “Discover you and you will enter me, ” which is one of the most forgotten, overlooked and misquoted spiritual truths of all time. Masters forget because they must forget in order to continue learning. They do not forget because they did not get it right or because they need more practice. Masters forget in order to re-create themselves within new contexts, paradigms and environments.

In 2011 those who are willing but have not yet gained a foothold on the path of the awakened master will find it and/or secure it. The paths of the awakened, reawakened or remembered master are one and the same. Do not be misguided by semantics, because a path is much like a vibration or frequency: It is something you sense your way into. It is always best to establish a relationship before becoming intimate within it, and this is no different. Your path is already set to intersect with mastership, so you need not steer a different course. But whether you sail into its cozy harbor or collide with its iron gate is up to you, do you see?

I invite you to burst into light this year,






There is only unity held with this glorious universe. This

unity is our truest source. It emanates peace and restores

balance to all things in all places. The way of the one has

arrived within my consciousness and silently immersed

my will to its disciple.

Today shall be a better day than yesterday, and tomorrow

a brighter image than today could possibly be because I am

surrounded and guided by a companion of Infinite Intelligence.

An aspect of divine mastership that has always known how to

respond to a heart that desires for mindful restoration of the

true self. A Presence that unconditionally reveals its nature

to the human enthusiast when asked. A fragrance that engulfs

the entire being with a resurrected passion for love and light.

This is the alliance of Mastery, and this is my remembering now.

This is what is real, this is what I decree and know about myself

as absolute truth. I savor it and celebrate the freedom that I am.

I am filled with deep gratitude knowing as I let this mastership

dawn, I become a light unto all others. Mastery is both knowing

and not knowing, doing and not doing. It is this balance between

the two that brings peace and wisdom to this seeker. And so it is.







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