Transpartisan Citizen? Peter Block’s take on what it means to be a citizen.

One cost of the retributive conversation is that it breeds entitlement. Entitlement is essentially the conversation, “What’s in it for me?” It expresses a scarcity mentality, and the economist tells us that only what is scarce has value. Entitlement is the outcome of a patriarchal culture, which I have discussed too often in other books. But for this discussion, I’ll simply say that if we create a context of fear, fault, and retribution, then we will focus on protecting ourselves, which plants the seed of entitlement.

The cost of entitlement is that it is an escape from accountability and soft on commitment. It gets in the way of authentic citizenship.

Transpartisan (associate/friend) Michael Ostrolenk of the Campaign for Liberty is in the news….

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Wisdom for All. You Cannot Miss the Path of the Reawakened Master. Happy New Year. Walt

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